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    Karate in Los Angeles

    Best Karate Classes Los Angeles What it says on the tin. I am looking for good, quality Karate in Los Angeles, no McDojos! I am asking on here because oftentimes when it comes to traditional arts there are some amazing teachers and classes that arent on yelp or google. But if they are, thats...
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    Donald Hamby-Hung Gar-Los Amgeles

    Sifu Donald Hamby-Hung Gar-Los Angeles Does anyone here know how to get in touch with Sifu Donald Hamby? The only website I can find for him is this: https://www.quandoman.net but when I called the listed number, it said it was out of service. Messaged the email address on there with no...
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    Taoist Institute-Sifu Carl Totten-Los Angeles

    Anyone in Los Angeles know about the Taoist Institute and Sifu Carl Totten and whether or not he is still teaching? The website listed on google and yelp doesnt work when you click it, and when I drove by the address the other day I saw that the inside was emptied out and the sign gone, looking...
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    Chinese Martial Arts in Los Angeles

    Hello, I am looking for quality Chinese martial arts/kung fu training in Los Angeles. I am asking on here because in the world of martial arts there are some amazing teachers and classes that just arent on yelp or google. I am open on what style as long as the training is authentic. I live in...
  5. adamr01

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Adam, and my martial arts background is in Hapkido and Taekwando. I started training TKD back in NY when i was 18, and 5 years later I was exposed to Hapkido. I fell in love with the art and started training Hapkido from that point on. I still train when I can, but not nearly as...