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  1. Diaitadoc

    New Sparring League - Halifax, NS

    Hey everyone, just wanted to post a link to our new Halifax Sparring Club, “HaliSpar”. Log In or Sign Up to View Our first season starts September 5th from 7pm-9pm, and runs every Sunday until November 28th. The club is open to all martial artists, regardless of style or skill level. It is...
  2. T

    Research on martial artists

    Hi everyone! I don't know many martial artists, so that's why I'm reaching out to you guys on here. Anyways, I've been doing Wing Chun for the past 2 years and am doing an important psychology research project looking at the relationship between different types of martial arts and self-esteem. I...
  3. Svarog

    White Crane Book

    This is one of very few ever books written about White Crane Kung Fu and the only one about Shaking Crane (Zong He) style written in English. The book introduces basic concepts of internal White Crane practice. Internal power has always been shrouded in a veil of mystery, often explained...
  4. JKDJade

    So Let Me Get This Straight-- Why Don't We Have New Arts?

    Here are some names: Bruce Lee- JKD Ed Parker- Ed Parker Kenpo Bart Vale- Chinese Kenpo Tony Leo- Shuri Shindo Ryu Freedie Lee- Freedie's Modern Fu Al Tracy - Tracy Kenpo Jeff Speakman -Kenpo 5,0 Helio Gracie- BJJ Steve Mohamad- Black Karate Federation Gary Dill- Bushido Kempo/SDS Chuck...
  5. Ivan

    Thoughts on the efficacy of wrist strikes?

    You rarely see wrist strikes in any street fighting clips or UFC, if at all, anymore. At least I haven’t. The only reason I even know they exist is the 80s and 90s Kung Fu movies and some fight scenes from the Netflix Show, Marco Polo. So why do we seldom see them used? I started experimenting...
  6. Douwe ter Horst

    New here Douwe ter Horst :-) Kung Fu Zwolle

    Hello i just became a member here, because i just opened my martial arts academy. I would like to learn and follow different threads. My name is Douwe ter Horst and i live in Zutphen in Holland, also known as the Netherlands. I like gaming, cooking and going to party's. The martial arts i...
  7. Howling Mina

    Starting again in Martial Arts need advice

    Hi there, hope anyone can help. Need advice on choosing the correct path for martial arts. A little history, I trained in Taekwondo 2000-2006 but during that time I injured my acl and had two operations. It caused my confidence to disappear. Then as time went on I found out I was dyslexic as...
  8. JibPower

    Just introducing myself

    Hi guys, Just introducing myself on this great forum I just discovered. I have been doing martial arts pretty much all my life. At the age of 10, I started practicing Taekwondo (in the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)). I studied TKD for about 10 years and earned my black belt in 1991...
  9. Ivan

    Fundamental differences between Karate and Kung Fu

    Hey guys, I am writing a dissertation on Chinese influences on the origins of Karate in Okinawa. I have began comparing Kung Fu to Karate and come to the conclusion that due to the large amount of substyles in each martial art, I can't compare techniques. Instead, I must compare movements...
  10. W

    Martial arts in Middlesbrough, UK?

    Hi everyone. I’m interested in learning Chinese martial arts (particularly Shaolin Kung Fu), but I don’t know where to go. My university has Shaolin Kung Fu, but it doesn’t look reputable. Are there any reputable martial arts places in this area, or just outside of it? I’m not looking for self...
  11. O

    I've an idea that I'll like to bounce around we should do o

    The tittle was I've an idea that I'll like to bounce around we should do more. This is for every style, system, school, etc. I believe that it could be of benefit to everyone. I'll like to talk about the lack of aesthetics in all MA which are very noticeable during sparring or competitions...
  12. D

    Application of Chi Sau and Ipon Kumite guard in MMA

  13. C

    Which is best to start with? (tai chi/kung fu)

    Hello everyone. I am interested in starting a martial arts class. What I am mostly interested in is learning about discipline, self control, defence, but at the same time some physical movement as well. (I’m not so much into the hitting and fighting) After research I concluded that Tai chi and...
  14. A

    Mass or Definition?

    Hello guys, i just want to ask you is it better to do the gym workout with weights or street workout like push ups etc... for martial arts? Thanks :)
  15. O

    Iron Bone

    Hello how do you start the Iron Bone Kung Fu methods?
  16. O

    Grip strength training.

    Hello, I'm a Judo practitioner so grip strength is very important for my art however I've always been amazed by the grip strength of Hung gar practitioners of the tiger kung fu, I apologize if I mixed the names and terminology up Chinese martial arts aren't my forte, but I would love to practice...
  17. W

    3 Element Martial Arts- Wallingford, Connecticut

    This is one option for training, if you are near Wallingford, CT. Youtube: Facebook: 3 Element Martial Arts Email: 3elementmartialarts@gmail.com
  18. M

    Pai Lum White Dragon Fist

    Has anyone ever heard of this style? I'm in the process of moving to CO and they have several schools. What intrigues me is that the style, which claims to be old, is a combination of tai chi, 5 animal style kenpo, and qigong. I haven't been to a school to check out the lessons yet. We have a...
  19. Yuen Kay Jun

    Savannah Wing Chun GA CLASSES

    Private and Semi-Private Classes: Location: Richmond Hill, GA Savannah, GA Material Taught: Yuen Wing Chun (Yuen Kay San / Sum Nung) Contact: wing_pai@yahoo.com Email will get more information. In email, introduce yourself.
  20. G

    5 Badass Kung Fu Fighters Who PROVED That Kung Fu is Legit

    Hey guys. New here. Just wanna post this video to see what are your opinions on kung fu. Is it practical and lethal or do you disagree with others in saying that it is bullshido?
  21. kicka

    Hello from wing chun

    Hi everyone, feels like it's been ages since last time i've been on an online forum, though it's only been a year or two! So i am new here, after searching and reading various articles around the net only today i realised there are forums too..terrible, but i guess goes together with my attempt...
  22. Y

    southern praying mantis kungfu

    Hi all, I would like to introduce you to a very old system of Southern Praying Mantis that was brought to India by a gentleman named Sifu Chen Kiu.He learnt this system while he was working as a sailor from the cook of the ship,called Yaap Mune who claimed to have been a Monk,this was around...
  23. Steel Accord

    Wudang defense question

    I do a lot of writing that involves different martial arts styles, which I try to depict with at least some degree of accuracy. Being a writer and a student of the arts in real life, it is a subject that comes up again and again in my fiction. So quick question. If someone trained in Wudang...
  24. BigJavi973

    Martial Talk's GMA Martial Arts Lineages

    I pretty much have taken the idea from that lineage website etc Feel free to post your lineage and see where it traces to. IMO it is very important to know where your specific Martial Art comes from. You don't want to learn from someone who learned from some guy in the back of a laundromat. How...
  25. ewright909

    What is the Difference between Shaolin Kung Fu and Tang Soo Do?

    I've been wondering a long time about this. I cant find any good sources on the differences between these two arts. What exactly are their fighting styles and how different are they?
  26. Eian

    Able Sandoval JKD

    Just wandering if I could get some help. I'm trying to track down my linage. My Sifu's Sifu's name is Adrian Sandoval. I know nothing about him except that he taught in CA. I would really like to know more about him. Thanks
  27. M

    Hong Kong Kung FU Inheritor

    Hi Everybody, I am a Hong Kong Local Kung Fu inheritor. My family kept all of the things on our Hhkka ancestors Kung Fu which dates back 2000 years ago. Below is my video that I want to share with you. Our Local Traditional Kung Fu. Please share it if you like it and it is a big support to our...
  28. reeceari

    New at Kung Fu

    Hi, I am a new member here, I am only just beginning to learn Kung Fu. Today is my first day of training and I want to ask for any advice you have for me, I want to focus on animal styles such as the snake and crane. I am training myself at home, I am planning on taking it slow, my main question...
  29. Esco47

    Just moved

    Hey all!!! So here is my problem. I moved to Denver, Co at the end of last year, after starting about five months of Shaolin Kung Fu back home. Very small, traditional school, with traditional training. Looking for something similar in the Denver area or close by, but it seems like a lot of kung...
  30. A

    Trening with street Fighter, (Kung Fu vs Jeet Kune Do)

    I spent a couple of hours of training with a street fighter, a big fan of Bruce Lee. It turned out quite interesting, because we did not staged scenes and assorted variety of combat situations. A fan tried to attack me constantly surprise attacks :) I showed my system, this is the Kungfu that...