Do people outside of martial arts respect you skill?

I think people would respect anyone who is doing something good in their life, but people would respect you more if you can stand up for your and hold your head high. It's a matter of self-confidants, because even if you do take a few martial art classes it all don't matter without confidence. You got to have confidence in your skill if not it's useless. Not having confidence makes you a target for gangmembers, and they know they could tell you to do whatever they won't. They can put a gun in your hand and tell you if you don't kill this person they will kill you, and if you have no
selfconfidence you will most likely pull the trigger. Then if you kill someone you will go to jail for murder. will, what I'm trying to say is that you need to have confidence in yourself, or you will always
find yourself being tested. If you have confidence people will respect that.

Thank You

I've ran into lots of people who don't respect my martial arts. My parents for one. I started when I was ten, and they have never once come to a tournament, and I've competed in hundreds. The first test my dad came to was my brown belt test. I was twenty years old. He walked in halfway through the test, and I was so surprised to see him because he'd said he wasn't going to go, that I completely lost my concentration and got hit by the punch my instructor had been expecting me to block. My mom has still never seen me do karate.

I haven't had a whole lot of friends have issues with my martial arts. Most of them have asked me to teach them something at one point or another, and I always do. It helps take the mystery out of it. They learn real quick that a few karate lessons don't make you a black belt, and that I've worked hard to get where I am, and I'm still probably a year or more away from that black belt test.

Friends tend to be fine, but dates are a whole other issue. I've had guys never call me again because they find out about karate. Its not like I'm talking like I'm bruce lee or anything, just a passing comment of "oh, I'm busy tomorrow night. I have a karate lesson...what about friday instead?" they mumble some excuse, hang up, and I never hear from them again. happened at least four times that I can remember with guys I was seeing in college. I think its some kind of intimidation thing...dunno. now I'm dating another martial artist, so he understands, so isn't an issue...
Most people fear what they don't know or understand, I was watching this wildlife documentary on the world biggest cats. They were studing the world biggest lioness she wight 450 pounds, They shot the lioness that they wanted while all the lions was eating. So when the lioness that they wanted passout
the host of the show, walked up to all the lions when they was
feeding and all the lions ran. Now lions are really dangerous they
could kill you easy, but because the host study the lions behavior
he knew what to do and not to do. The lions ran because they did not understand the situation, I mean a human walking up to a pride of feeding lions takes a lot of confidence. I thought that he must really understand lions, to walk up on them while they are eating. What I'm trying to say is that most of what people don't understand they fear.

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"I've ran into lots of people who don't respect my martial arts. My parents for one. ... My mom has still never seen me do karate.

I have the same situation. I have been in martial arts or self defense training for the better part of 20 years. And I still get the same response from my mother after a big seminar, test or qualification, "Let's not talk shop." I don't think she sees this as an activity for a mom of young children. I suppose she would approve of quilting or some such.:D
Most non martial artists respect what you know. Most disrespect comes from those within our fold.
Most non martial artists respect what you know. Most disrespect comes from those within our fold.

Funny you should say that.

While it is true that most blatant disrespect comes from "informed sources" (and those outside of the MA community could barely be called informed, though it is not their fault...), I have found that within military circles it is just the opposite...

Most of the non-MAists are fine to leave well enough alone. We are just a bunch of loosely packaged individuals content to jump about in our PJs while out in public... No worries.

However, there are the far too common bullet headed ignoramuses (or would that be ignorami?) that enjoy nothing more than to prod, cat call, and harass those who a) would rather be left alone or b) should be left alone.

While a civilian, I had a good number of encounters with other MAists, ranging from fellowship through to OPSEC. I actually had one guy tell me he couldn't engage me in conversation (even about non-MA related topics) because, since I was from another system, I was the enemy.

Whatever. :rolleyes:

But in the military, whenever I have encountered other MAists, be they from traditional styles or eclectic MMA blends, there has always been a mutual respect. Even among the folks that ought to reevaluate the ka-ka that they think amounts to martial arts, there is a great degree of mutual respect and courtesy.

Go figure.


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or would that be ignorami?)

That's rich! :D

I would agree. Military personnel are a different ilk. Perhaps it's because they understand each other.
Originally posted by Yiliquan1

I actually had one guy tell me he couldn't engage me in conversation (even about non-MA related topics) because, since I was from another system, I was the enemy.

ROFL! How cold you keep a straight face, the enemy how sad.
I met a young man, 19, who had been teasing this girl about just because she was in MA that she was still a girl and couldn't actually fight. He kept instigating the situation and kept pushing her to spar with him. She told him if he needed proof of her MA training than he was more than welcome to come to class with her and see her and others in action. While there at her dojo, it wasn't enough. So he asked her instructor if he could spar her in class. The instructor apparently agreed. He said within the first 15 sec. he was ready to give up and was literally terrified of even being near her in the end. Since then he said he really hasn't been in contact with her in fear of humiliation for being so disrespectful to her and the fact of knowing he was beat up by a girl. I guess the point is that it was really sad to know that it took something so severe to get someone to respect someone in MA. However, he did mention that he had learned his lesson and now could understand that there is more to martial arts than going around bragging and beating up on people. :asian:
People actually expect too much of you once they know you study a Martial Art. My son織s friends keep asking me to do Matrix-style moves. My son (7) once said: "You織ve got to teach me all you know about break-dancing so I can win a prize!" He has total faith in my abilities because I織m a belt higher at karate. He seems to forget I織m 49 which is probably just as well. If you wear your Gi out people give you a very wide berth. I once went down the local supermarket in mine as it was about to close and noticed people allowed yards of space around me instead of queing up close at the till. A green belt in my class leaves the shop she owns in uniform as a good deterrent against muggers.
It pays off greatly here at school. (I'm a H.S. teacher) People know enough to leave me alone. They know I'll move on them if they don't.:asian:
Let me try to make noise here.

It's great for anyone to have an "extracurricular" activity after work, school, everyday life hustle and bustle. These are called hobbies. Every person does something that they themselves get's great pleasure out of. For us Martial Arts freaks its learning the culture, the way of the warrior arts of the east and elsewhere. Thats what we enjoy. Some people are terrified of it because they dont understand it.

Some other people enjoy drinking at a bar, dancing, preaching, singing, playing other sports, making money, traveling, etc... so on and so forth! The great thing is, anyone can do one or more of these extracurricular activities. & the great thing about MA is you can gain the pleasures of all these aforementioned activities all in what we do.

People I think look down on MA ( not all people) but in general those that do, do it out of jelousy, fear of it, or the fact they think its "sissyish"(sp). But its not considered sissy-ish to play a contact sport like Football, or rugby, etc...the thing is its something we do because we all find peace in our own way within it. It shouldnt matter what others think, if you enjoy it thats all that matters. Most people would not argue the fact that hobbie, or extracurricular activity is something we do to leave the stresses of normal day activities behind us for a few hours. And we do them to stay 'out of trouble' gives us something positive in our lives. Thusmore the MA also is great in beneficial in relaxing daily stress and its limitless you are building your mind, body and soul.

Thanks. hope that hits the spot!!!!
I usually get one extreme or the other. More often than not people scoff at the notion of me holding a high regard to my martial art. But then I do get those people that suddenly look at you differently and think you could kick anyones butt.

I've had a few people say "Get a life". I just say whatever :rolleyes: . They don't understand so I don't get angry with them.
I either get the Bruce Lee sound effects followed by the, "so you can kick my ***?" statement. Or I get the long life history of how they almost killed a guy once and have thus been banned from taking structured martial arts as they are to dangerous. Followed by a story of a 87th degree black belt whom they leveled with only a few punches.

I just want to pipe in here for a second and say I admire Nightingale and DWright for keeping with the martial arts despite lack of parential support. That is great that you guys have both pursued your interests anyway. I don't know where I'd be today with my martial arts if my parents didn't back me up all the way.

Keep up the good work you two!!

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Family is important, but beyond that, why do any of you care what others think of you? Do you feel you need an audience?

If people think martial arts is useless, so much the better. They won't see it coming if I have to take 'em out. No one around here tries to cultivate that piercing intense stare to cow others--you know, The Martial Arts Master look. We wear clothes and shoes that you can move well in, and may have a clipit or two, but basically look like anyone else. We ARE like anyone else. Like someone else said, we've just picked a different leisure than those who picked, say, gardening, or community theatre, or marathoning. And besides, we make better ghosts in this society.

When you wear a gi in public, people don't step away from you because they think you're badass. They step away because they think you're a nut. There, I said it.

Everything that you have just read is false. Nobody believes it, not even the person who wrote it. So don't tell me why I'm wrong. Just go back to the Walmart in your hakama and test out the various broomsticks to see which makes the best jo.
hehe. i like Black Bear. he's got martial skill. he's funny. good stuff.
Originally posted by Josh
hehe. i like Black Bear. he's got martial skill. he's funny. good stuff.

Even worse. Look at his avatar. He's got anger management problems!;)
I think even family isn't extremely important as far as agreeing with your MA training. Mine thought is wrong for most of my life. Your training is simply for you, no one else.

Now, having said that, Its not something to just shrug off what others think of us. One of us represents all of us to the average joe. People respect our hard work, and our discipline, we should cherish that and do nothing to stop them from respecting that. While there are those who think your a nut, most deep down act that way because they wish they could have the discipline to do something liek that themselves.

Well this is the martial arts forum, not the family therapy forum... but it sounded like some of the folks might be adolescents or something, in which case what parents think does matter, and you do want to get them on board. I was thinking mainly immediate, nuclear family. Like if you have a hobby or interest that your spouse has strong negative feelings about, then that's an issue. Ah, never mind.

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