Direct Links to 26 Hardcore Bare- Knuckle fight videos


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Dec 27, 2002
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Direct Links to 26 Hardcore Bare-Knuckle Fights

Several people E-mailed to tell me that it is much easier to view the Videos if I pop up the direct links.
The video 's are wmv. files so if you are having trouble viewing them just go to media viewer and download the latest viewer viewer

All the fights are : No Gloves / All strikes are legal including Head Butts and Eye Attacks / All Takedowns are Legal
There is no Ground-fighting these are Burmese Boxing Matches fight traditionally would continue untill 3 KNOCKOUTS or fighter gives up
Set # 1
These are Amatuer Fights from the eighties these Fights are pretty wild

1st vid--------highlights from a couple fights

2nd vid------highlights from fight

3rd vid---- highlights from fight

4th vid------highlights from fight

5th vid------highlights from fight

Last fight of the night 3part----Part1

Part 2*****

Part 3*****

Set # 2
Mid Level Event from the nineties

Match----- highlights

Match----- highlights 2 parts--Part1

PART 2 ***********

Match----- highlights

Match----- highlights 4 parts--Part1

PART 2*********


PART 4 *******

Set 3 Higher Level Event from 2000











For more Information on what you are watching go to the links below the Lethwei page has in depth info on the Fights




I am looking for peoples feed back on the fight footage. I may be able to open up a channel helping a friend in Burma marketing tapes of the Golden Belt fights since 96 would there be much interest? The tapes would be good VHS Quality. He wants to know if they would have to have english play by play dubbed in as they were in Burmese of course. I will continue to put the stuff I have especially older stuff up as I can in the future. It will be a few months before I get more up as I have other things on the fire I need to work on

Phil Dunlap
Hey is there anything like that in washington,
The fighting looks like MT kickboxing but i like some diffrences in the style.
Originally posted by Judo-kid
Hey is there anything like that in washington,
The fighting looks like MT kickboxing but i like some diffrences in the style.
I don't think so... If there were, Pat Murray would be all over it saying it's not ethical, blah blah blah
If possible I would really appreciate any input on wich fights people liked best as I am working on 2 seperate things. One is newer fights since 96 and the other is vintage stuff going all the way back to the 70's . The newer fights would be available for purchase and there will be a lot more vids on the site i would like to get abot an hour of fights up on the site. The vintage stuff i was doing to get my hands on it.( I was told they have a bunch of my fights) but if there was a lot of interest I would try to sell some of that too.

I would also like input on things people look for in instructional videos and any ideas that facilitate learning. I am looking to put together a long distance program that will help people learn the underlying principles and concepts. So if you have been to the technique page let me know what you thought

Judo there is someone on my forum from Wash and I think he trains with the ABA wich is also a Burmese art
Hello Phil,

I've downloaded a few of these clips but none of them are running properly. I've tried using Winamp and Windows Media Player.

Was wondering if anyone else was encountering this problem or could help.

If you download the latest version of mediaplayer it should work.

I am looking for feedback as I will be putting more up soon would people prefer edited fights or the whole fight
i've only watched the 2nd and 3rd clips so far, but damn that's brutal! i'd have been knocked out cold with the first combo of punches, lol. the guy in the blue or black shorts never defended against the punches! he'd just put his fists over his face and let the guy have him. i know that's a common trait in boxing, but in the 3rd clip u see the guy in the yellow shorts hit back whilst the other guy is punching him at the same time. and it goes to show kneeing someone over the back of the head doesn't work very well. i saw 3 simultaneous strikes to the back of the yellow shorts, but he just took blue/black shorts to the ground. it's really hard to differentiate btw who is who, but there was some clumsy colliding into each other there... k waiting for the other 22 clips now :D
I think they're all pretty cool. Generally, I prefer watching a whole fight instead of just an edited version, but it depends on how long I have to wait to download it too. I think segmenting a whole fight into a few videos is probably a good idea.
Originally posted by PhilDunlap
Direct Links to 26 Hardcore Bare-Knuckle Fights

For a bare knuckle fight they sure do have a lot of tape on their hands..
The tape is an abrasive cloth/hemp and I would actually prefer getting hit without it as the wrapping allows you to punch harder because it protects the wrist but on the plus side it prevents an individual fonger attack to the eyes
Originally posted by PhilDunlap
The tape is an abrasive cloth/hemp ..............

How can you tell?
It looks like plain old sports tape to me.
I have fought in Burma and the rules traditionally dictate cloth.

Also if you watch the fights carfully in some of them the wrapping comes loose and begins to unravel like cloth would