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Dec 27, 2002
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Brand New Complete Bare-Knuckle Fight Vids

The image quality on these fights is much better than previous ones

I am really looking for feedback on these videos. I am going to try to get about 2 hrs. of Burmese Boxing/Lethwei matches on the site These links are for 2 fights un-edited.
My main questions are
1. Are people into watching these and am I wasting my time putting so much of it up on the web.
2. Do people prefer the whole fights or shorter edited versions.
3. The originals of these are very good quality but I put them on the web at lower quality to save space and downloading time. Should I put less up of higher quality.
4. I would love any feedback anyone has on the sport and fights themselves.

All the fights are : No Gloves / All strikes are legal including Head Butts and Eye Attacks / All Takedowns are Legal
There is no Ground-fighting these are Burmese Boxing Matches.

1st Fight

1st Fight part 1

1st Fight part 2

1st Fight part 3

1st Fight part 4

1st Fight part 5

1st Fight part 6

Set # 2
Mid Level Event from the nineties

2nd Fight part 1

2nd Fight part 2

2nd Fight part 3

The video 's are wmv. files so if you are having trouble viewing them just go to media viewer and download the latest viewer viewer

For more Information on what you are watching go to the links below the Lethwei page has in depth info on the Fights



Any and all feed back on the fight footage is appreciated. Even if it is just I enjoyed them or It was not my thing.

Phil Dunlap


Hey Phil, I just wanted to say thanks for the effort. I personally appreciate the effort it takes to put all of those fights on the web. So from one martial artist to another, thanks.

:asian: KenpoDragon


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Sep 1, 2001
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The quality is much improved over some of the other fights. A couple of clips had some VHS squigglies, but nothing major. The sound quality isn't the best, and the music can start to get grating because of that.

The slow motion bit in the third clip with the punch was pretty funny.

The fighter in the red and yellow trunks from the first fight really liked the mat. He fell down for no apparent reason many times. At one point, he fell down with every round kick he through and another time he missed a right cross and ended up on his face.

Win Media Player couldn't find the first clip to the second fight. That fighter with the blue trunks seemed to be using a headbutt as a jab a couple of times. Too bad he busted his leg.


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