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Sep 11, 2006
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using arms when kicking
By PlasmaShock - Sun, 15 Oct 2006 00:27:03 GMT
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how many of you swing you arm or upper body the opposite way that your kick is going. if you are, stop. you may thing it gives power but it doesnt. it restricts the hips from building power and telepaths the movement.

lets take a look at some kicks where people pull there arms or upper body:

front snap kick

alot of people will swing the arm thats on the same side of the kicking leg away from the target. this is wrong. what you want to do is you want your guard arms to keep forward. if you are kicking with the left leg, and your right arm is leading in your guard stance, when you kick, you should have the left guard arm switching spots during the kick so your opponent wont know you are kicking untill you bring the knee up.

roundhouse/turning kick

in this kick alot of people twist their body the opposite direction. lets say you are kicking with the left leg. when you are doing the kick, you twist your upper body to the left to pull up the kick. thats wrong. your hips should do the kicking. so if you are kicking with the left leg, coil the leg to the side and use your hips(without pulling or swinging your arms to the opposite side) to bring the leg around to your target and snap out the leg. your striking weapon can be whatever you want. dont forget to recoil the leg after doing the kicks.

when you pull your kicks with your arms or twist your body to the opposite side, it does acouple of thing.

1. telepaths your kick- the opponent can see it comming from a mile away
2. leaves you vulnerable- you will have an opening in your guard or body where they can attack while you are kicking
3. cuts off power- i can't explain this much but it does cut off power from the kick.

so when kicking try to keep the tips for the roundhouse and front kick in mind.

hope this helps.


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