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Sep 11, 2006
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Ouchi Gari question
By Kenny Chance - Tue, 03 Oct 2006 17:51:47 GMT
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Im new into BJJ and have previously taken an Akido/Judo/Jujitsu mixed class. I took it only long enough to learn a few throws, sweeps and techniques..(forgive the spelling) Ouchi Gari, Osoto Gari, Ogoshi, Tatoshi, Epan and a few others.

My first BJJ class we did a takedown exercise and I was able to take quite a few people down using sweeps and some hip throws as almost everyone shot for my legs when I got in range.

My main question is when using Ouchi Gari (or Osoto Gari for that matter) does anyone have any good advice for getting inside them? Id grab them by the lapel and under the sleeve as I was taught but they would go into a wrestling stance, leaned forward, legs back with their butt in the air and even when I yanked them in close to pull them off balance they kept their legs back, making it hard to reap the leg without coming off balance myself.


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Jul 16, 2006
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Perth Western Australia
If the person is leaning as far forward as you say then you will never do o Uchi Gari or O Soto Gari for that matter. Their balance MUST be to the rear. The simplistic answer is that when you close with them you need to lift and force them backwards and onto one leg, then reap.

As for them leaning forward. If they are well forward and leaning so they are below your height then my Sensei showed a technique long ago that was very effective. He simply dropped his feet backwards and drove his chest against their back and drove them face first into the ground with him on top. I have never done this technique but it looked nasty. I guess it could be effective against someone rrying to grab your legs.

Greg Palmer

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