Cost of youth TKD compared to other youth sports....

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Jun 30, 2010
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Asked this question before, but did not get an answer...

What is the cost of a child (10-18) competing in TKD events at local, regional, national levels...

Is it the same as youth Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, etc??
Can't help at all I'm afraid but I was thinking as a parent that perhaps people don't want to add up all the costs because it would be horrifying lol!
From the age of 3 my daughter was into horses, cost a fortune! Owning horses has been likened to tearing up 瞿20 notes in the middle of a wet field. Then there was the coaching sessions she had, the competitions etc. I never added it all up, far too scared at what it would come to. She's still into horses, racehorses now but at least gets paid very well for it! She can pay for all her own hobbies now they include MMA and cheerleading (which I thought was nice and safe until I saw it! She's the one that gets thrown around!), kids are wonderful growing up but even better when they are grown up :)
Just competition is around $75 - $125 per event and then travel, hotels and meals. National cost us around $3500 a year but we have three involved plus my wife so it is expensive.
The biggest cost factor with martial arts is that it is year round. Instruction each and every month, and there's always a tournament, if you're willing to travel.

Comparing the cost of TKD with my friends who's kids play baseball, soccer, or football, and on a monthly basis it works out to be about the same or cheaper, but their seasons last 2 months max. My son played in a church basketball league, and it was significantly cheaper than TKD.
I played junior tennis when I was a kid and I have friends with kids who are investing in tennis right now. I doubt even competitive TKD approaches tennis in cost between travel and coaching (about $40-$75 a hour in my area). TKD instructors, even elite competition level coaches, seem to be nicer about their fees.
Ever since losing a fulltime job and only working part time now I always look to do things as cheaply as possible. We really take advantage of fundraising and getting donations or sponsorships. The events still cost what they cost but I don't have the deep enough pockets to fund things myself anymore. So fundraising is big for me. Without it I would not go anywhere.
My daughter competes Nationally and Internationally. She qualified for multiple team trials at USAT and AAU. My Son competes nationally at this point only 13. We are a family of four traveling to these events. Most of the time only 1 parent goes to to team trials or international events. Although my wife went to Spain this year. Our Expense in 2009 was 16k. This year it might make 20k. And remember my daughter's international exp is paid by AAU.

Our recent trip to AAU and USAT Nationals was 10 days @ about 5k.