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Jun 21, 2003
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I had to laugh this morning while reading this article.

VERNON - A woman was pulled over for speeding on Route 83 near Connecticut Golf Land about 8:40 a.m. Thursday but, intent on getting to a new job, sped off after giving her license to an officer, police said.

Maria J. Alipio, 49, told Sgt. Bill Meier she was late for her first day of work at a new job and nearly struck two other officers who tried to stop her, police said.

Alipio kept going even as an officer in a car pursued her south on Route 83, Meier said.

"I turned around to walk back to my car, and she takes off," Meier said.

Once again, it just goes to show, that the majority of headaches that some people bring on, can be eliminated, if they just act with some intelligence. Worst case scenario, probably would have been a ticket. Now, this woman brought on a list of charges. And I really don't know what she was thinking...that because she drove away that she was going to get away with the ticket? That they'd never find out who she was? Afterall, they had her DL, and despite her taking the plate off the car, unless it was stolen, the VIN would provide the owner.

Why is that Chris Rock video clip flashing thru my head again! LOL!


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Nov 22, 2008
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Now think of all the time she'll miss from work having to appear for court dates. Not to mention her standing in the office being mud for doing something so overtly stoopit.

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