Close Quarters Self Defense Curriculum List based off of Hyung Application


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Oct 30, 2003
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Hand Techniques

Basic punches _____ (green)
Palm strike _____ (green)
Knife hand _____ (green)
Back fist _____ (green)
Hammer fist _____ (green)
Fore arm strike _____ (green)
Spear hand_____ (red)
Ridge hand _____ (red)
Elbow strikes _____ (red)
Leopard palm _____ (red)
Spinning strike _____ (red)
Finger strikes_____ (brown)
Wrist strike _____ (brown)
Short rib punch_____(brown)
Soft fist ____ (brown)
One knuckle strike _____ (brown)

Foot Techniques

Front kick _____ (green)
Inside outside kick ____ (green)_
Outside inside kick _____ (green)
Side kick _____ (green)
Roundhouse kick _____ (green)
Hook kick _____ (green)
Stomp kick _____ (green)
Knee kick _____ (green)
45 degree groin kick _____ (red)
Push Kick _____ (red)
Low sweeping block kick_____ (red)
Low instep kick _____ (red)
Low jamming kick _____ (red)
Double kicking _____ (brown)
Sliding up kicks _____ (brown)
Spinning kicks _____ (brown)
Jumping kicks _____ (brown)
Jumping with a fake kicks _____ (brown)

Joint Locks and Constrictions

Wrist bending locks (four locks) _____ (green)
Gooseneck _____ (green)
Finger lock _____ (green)
Multiple finger lock _____ (green)
Figure four ankle lock _____ (red)
Toehold _____ (red)
Knee bar _____ (red)
Heel hook _____ (red)
Standing Armbar _____ (red)
Seated Armbar _____ (red)
Hammer lock _____ (red)
Reverse hammer lock _____ (red)
Straight arm lock (figure four) _____ (red)
Scarf Holds _____ (brown)
Rear Naked Choke _____ (brown)
Leg Triangle Choke _____ (brown)
Side Choke _____ (brown)
Guillotine Choke _____ (brown)
Anaconda Choke _____ (brown)
Neck Breaking _____ (brown)

Throwing and sweeping

Side fall/roll _____ (green)
Back fall/rool _____ (green)
Front fall/roll _____ (green)
Face fall _____ (green)
Advanced foot sweep_____ (green)
Inner leg reap _____ (green)
Outer leg reap _____ (green)
Scoop throw _____ (green)
Sickle foot sweep _____ (red)
Four corner throw _____ (red)
Major hip throw _____ (red)
Shoulder hip throw _____ (red)
Shoulder throw _____ (red)
Single Leg takedown _____ (red)
Double Leg takedown _____ (red)
Rice bale throw _____ (brown)
Mountain drop throw _____ (brown)
Foot circle throw _____ (brown)
Leg scissor takedown _____ (brown)
Sweeping hip throw _____ (brown)
Shoulder wheel _____ (brown)

Blocks and Parrying

1-8 basic TSD parries _____ (green)
Kakiwake - opening block _____ (green)
Uchi-te - striking block _____ (green)
Harai-te - sweeping block _____ (red)
Sukui-uke - scooping block _____ (red)
Kake-te - hooking block _____ (red)
Hiki-te - pulling in block _____ (red)
Kakae-te - trapping block _____ (brown)


Limb holds _____ (green)
Clothing and hair holds _____ (green)
Neck holds _____ (red)
Body holds _____ (red)
Joint lock escapes _____ (brown)
Pin escapes _____ (brown)
Two-person escapes _____ (brown)

Body Shifting

Front stance _____ (green)
Horse stance _____ (green)
Back stance _____ (green)
Open stance _____ (green)
Fighting stance _____ (green)
90 degree stance _____ (red)
Cross legged stance _____ (red)
Short stance _____ (red)
Crane Stance _____ (brown)
Low Stance _____ (brown)

Body Hardening

Demonstration of how to hold and strike a pad _____ (green)
Knowledge of makiwara construction and use _____ (red)
Knowledge of how to hold and break and board _____ (green)
Knowledge of how to set and break bricks _____ (red)
Board breaking demonstration _____ (green)
Brick breaking demonstration _____ (red)

Muscle Strengthening

Knowledge of strength exercises in forms _____ (green)
Knowledge of body weight exercises _____ (red)
Knowledge of weight training _____ (brown)
Strength goal setting and completion _____ (black)

Stamina Conditioning

Ability to stand for two minutes in each stance _____ (all)
Demonstration of regular cardio exercise _____ (brown)
Stamina goal setting and completion _____ (black)


Basic positions _____ (green)
Escapes from basic positions _____ (green)
Transitions from basic positions _____ (green)
Tuite from the ground _____ (red)
Strikes on the ground _____ (red)
The Eight Hold downs _____ (red)
Shooting and sprawling _____ (red)
Pressure points on the ground _____ (brown)
Tension and relaxation on the ground _____ (brown)
Fluid and instinctual movement _____ (brown)
Getting back up _____ (brown)


Sticks (black)

Heaven Six Pattern _____
Standard Six Pattern _____
Earth Six Pattern _____
Strikes 1-12 and defenses _____
Hand Switches _____
Male and female triangle footwork _____
Unig Zyow Hyung _____
Kun Tao _____
Carenza _____
Disarms _____

Knife (black)

Five Terrors_____
Palm Stick Set _____
Ice Pick Set_____
Forward Grip Set _____
Disarms _____
Knife Tapping _____

Cane (black)

Parts of Cane and uses _____
Cane form _____
Applications to the form _____

Staff (black)

Holding the staff _____
Staff Form _____
Applications to the forms _____

Nunchaku (black)

Holding the Flail _____
Kobu Nunchaku _____
Applications to the form _____



Pyung Ahn Cho Dan _____ (green)
Pyung Ahn Ee Dan _____ (green)
Pyung Ahn Sam Dan _____ (red)
Pyung Ahn Sa Dan _____ (red)
Pyung Ahn O Dan _____ (red)
Bassai Dai _____ (brown)
Bassai Sho _____ (brown)
Nai Han Chi Cho Dan _____ (brown)
Nai Han Chi Ee Dan _____ (black)
Nai Han Chi Sam Dan _____ (black)
Chinto _____ (black)
Rohai _____ (black)
Kong Sang Koon _____ (black)
O Sip Sa Bo _____ (black)
Sip Soo _____ (black)
Jion _____ (black)
Seishan _____ (black)
Wanshu _____ (black)

Form Principle

Knowledge of Yin (soft) and Yang (hard) in striking _____ (green)
Knowledge of the three ways of attack: striking, pulling, and pushing _____ (green)
Knowledge of grip releases _____ (green)
Knowledge of Kusuri and Kusushi _____ (green)
Knowledge of Oyo, Bunkai, and Henka _____ (green)
Knowledge of the three theories of joint locking _____ (red)
Knowledge of the Use of hyung _____ (red)
Knowledge of intermediate and end positions in hyung _____ (red)
Knowledge of the meaning of Pyung Ahn _____ (red)
Knowledge of all combative ranges _____ (red)


2 Pyung Ahn Cho Dan Bunkai _____ (green)
2 Pyung Ahn Ee Dan Bunkai _____ (green)
2 Pyung Ahn Sam Dan Bunkai _____ (red)
2 Pyung Ahn Sa Dan Bunkai _____ (red)
2 Pyung Ahn O Dan Bunkai _____ (red)
2 Bassai Dai Bunkai _____ (brown)
2 Bassai Sho Bunkai_____ (brown)
2 Nai Han Chi Cho Dan Bunkai _____ (brown)
2 Nai Han Chi Ee Dan Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Nai Han Chi Sam Dan Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Chinto Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Rohai Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Kong Sang Koon Bunkai _____ (black)
2 O Sip Sa Bo Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Sip Soo Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Jion Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Seishan Bunkai _____ (black)
2 Wanshu Bunkai _____ (black)
Complete Bunkai for all forms _____ (black)

Drilling and Testing

Demonstration of defense against random hand techniques _____ (green)
Demonstration of defense against random foot techniques _____ (green)
Demonstration of defense against random grabs _____ (red)
Demonstration of defense against random grab/strikes _____ (red)
Demonstration of defense against random hand or foot technique _____ (red)
Defense against any random technique _____ (brown)
Defense against two person attacks _____ (brown)
Defense against weapons _____ (black)


Demonstration of non-contact sparring _____ (green)
Demonstration of contact in Sparring _____ (green)
Demonstration of Randori _____ (red)
Demonstration of submission grappling _____ (red)
Demonstration of one up, one down sparring _____ (red)
Demonstration of Randori with strikes _____ (brown)
Demonstration of open technique sparring _____ (brown)
Demonstration of sparring with multiple opponents _____ (brown)
Demonstration of sparring with Weapons _____ (black)
Demonstration of sparring Multiple People with Weapons _____ (black)

Mental Training

Basic Belly Breathing _____ (green)
Moo Pal Dan Kun (1-4) _____ (green)
Moo Pal Dan Kun (4-8) _____ (red)
Internal Knowledge of Moo Pal Dan Kun _____ (red)
Standing on Stakes _____ (brown)
Grand Circulation _____ (brown)

Anatomy and Healing

Strike Points

Gall bladder 20 _____ (green)
Spleen 21 _____ (green)
Bladder Strike _____ (green)
Stomach 9 _____ (green)
Stomach 5 _____ (green)
Large Intestine 18 _____ (green)
Lung 8 _____ (green)
Heart 6 _____ (green)
Stomach Plexus _____ (green)
Gall Bladder 24 ____ (red)
Lung Plexus ____ (red)
Triple Warmer 11 ____ (red)
Governor Vessel 26 ____ (red)
Triple Warmer 17 ____ (red)
Gall Bladder 31 ____ (red)
Pericardium 6 ____ (red)
Clavicle Notch ____ (red)
Liver 12 ____ (brown)
Spleen 12 ____ (brown)
Lung 1 ____ (brown)
Lung 2 ____ (brown)
Gall Bladder Plexus ____ (brown)
Kidney 1____ (brown)
Pericardium 8 ____ (brown)
Bladder 41 ____ (brown)

Knowledge of tanden and third eye _____ (brown)
Knowledge of Meridian Theory _____ (brown)
Knowledge of Cycle of Creation and Destruction _____ (brown)
Knowledge of Kappo _____ (brown)
Knowledge of Meridian elements _____ (brown)
Knowledge of Diurnal Cycle _____ (brown)
Knowledge of basic first aid _____ (black)

Martial Arts Research

Knowledge of the history of Korean Karate_____ (green)
Knowledge of the history of Japanese Karate _____ (red)
Knowledge of the History of Okinawan Karate _____ (brown)
Knowledge of Dao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee_____ (black)
Knowledge of The Five Rings by Myamoto Musashi_____ (black)
Knowledge of the Bubishi translated by Patrick McCarthy _____ (black)
Knowledge of the Tao Te Ching by Lau Tzu _____ (black)
Knowledge of other martial arts _____ (black)
Knowledge of laws concerning the use of force _____ (black)