I think I may have found my answer (regarding rank)

I've heard many people claim that their art should be "more like BJJ" in terms of belt rank promotion. I don't think that's necessary.
I agree with this. What I think is necessary is to clearly define what a black belt is in your system and not all systems need to have the same definition.
It was known as toudi/de, "Chinese hands" in the Okinawan language, or just "te" for short.
Point I was trying to make was about the critique of someone saying "Karate" being introduced / re introduced to Okinawa when of course there were systems that never left was that the term and the system of "Karate" was from Japan with of course strong roots in Okinawa.
Actually Brazilian Tae Do might make more sense, since the one class I'm thinking is most important to start with is the kicking class.
Sounds kinda cool, would you shout commands in Portuguese or Korean or English?

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