Carry a gun??

Gaius Julius Caesar

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Jun 25, 2009
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Woodbridge, Va
You pretty much nailed it. The common terms are "may issue" and "shall issue."

In a "may issue" state (Cali, NY, etc.) you have to give a "good enough" reason as to why you need one. In many places this means you won't get one unless you're rich and/or politically connected. "For self-defense" is not a good enough reason most of the time...unless you're a liberal anti-gun politician (*cough*Feinstein*cough*)
In "shall issue" states, as long as you meet the requirements (no criminal background, etc.) they must issue you the permit.

You know I am a bit surprised their has not been actual armed conflict over this, as it shows that many States are basically doing the Middle Ages thing of only letting nobility carry weapons and the rest of us Peasents can just pray thing. That is what you have when only the rich, the connected or the Goverment is allowed to carry weapons.

They ever pull that crap in Va. I'd go to war over it.

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