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Jun 21, 2003
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Hannya said:
Ummm.... yea I can do all of that except the run atm. I think I do a mile in 8-10 mins. Was thinking it was alot harder for some reason, but thats good news. I figured they didnt post the requirements because its a highly competetive job and people would train just to pass the req. I think 10,000 people applied this year alone for the PD here, they had their test a couple weeks ago. If that same turn out comes for the FD its gonna be tough, as I already know they only need 800 guys.

Yes, those links should give you an idea as to what to expect. It could be different for you though, considering you're testing for the FD. As far as not posting the requirements...I've always seen some sort of layout for the agility. What amazes me, is that people bust their butt to pass the test, but once they get on, they let themselves go. You'd think that having jobs such as a Firefighter or LEO, that you'd want to be in the best shape possible. Oddly enough, every CSP Trooper that I've seen has been in good shape. The Town/City officers..well, thats a different story. Not saying that they're all a bunch of couch potatoes, but it certainly wouldn't hurt them to get in better shape.


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