[Breaking News] ASOIF, Let's Take "26 Block Vote" Including Taekwondo!


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Oct 27, 2006
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Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) decided on the voting system to select the sports to be included in the Olympics.

ASOIF made a decision to hold a "block vote" for 26 core sports at the Sports Accord in Denver, CO on the 24th. This block vote will determine the 26 core sports for 2012 and 2016 Olympic, which will be selected at the upcoming IOC Committee Meeting in October. Total number of Olympic sports is currently limited to 28. ASOIF plans to pass the main 26 core sports first, and leave the final 2 spots available for new sports.

If International Olympic Committee (IOC) accepts ASOIF's decision for block vote, the probability for Taekwondo remaining as an Olympic sport is favorable. Taekwondo is included in core sports up until 2012 London Olympic, and it is likely that Taekwondo can receive over 50% of the block vote. This increases the chances for the 2016 Olympic, and buy enough time for the 2020 Olympic.

No matter what decision ASOIF makes, the ultimate say is up to IOC. IOC has not announced which system to use, "25+3" or "26+2". IOC Program Committee Meeting will begin in May and after numerous discussions, make the final decision at the IOC Committee Meeting in October.

-Dae Gil Jung ([email protected])

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