Black Belt Test Format?


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Jan 2, 2006
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Westminster, CO, USA
I don't disagree that a prospective black belt should be subject to some unscheduled, unprompted evaluation -- but there's also good reason for formal testing.

But... I do have a problem with your justification for requiring tournament experience. Too many tournaments have no relation to real fighting; they're stop and start, with little or no contact, and way too many rules for the "fight."

Also, a good black belt may need to refresh their memory of how specific forms or drills are done. It doesn't mean they've forgetten the principles -- but the simple reality is that their training shouldn't be focused on the same drills that a brand new student does. The black belt should be working more advanced exercises. They should be able to quickly refresh their memory, and be able to correct any of the fundamental drills or kata -- but that's different from being able to perform them on demand.

Here is the spoon fed reason for all you students out there.
Everything we are talking about here are tools.

Just as the puch and kick are tools to the student the testing and tournament are a tools to the instructor.

Can a kick and punch be misused for bad purposes?
Sure they can.

Can testings and tournaments be misused for bad purposes?
Sure they can.

I have seen test boards invent things on the fly, not to test the student, but to humiliate them and show the student they could think up things that the student could not do.

I have seen instructors force students to tournaments so they would make more money.

When people make statements like "I have a problem with makeing students go to tournament", then folloing the logic they have problems with people kicking and punching.

This is not the integrity of the tool your are complaining about. It is the integrity of the instructor.

The tools are not bad if used properly.
You don't have to even have a testing.
You don't have to go to tournaments.

As an instructor I may just promote a student.
Belts are just for the gratification needs of students
You do not need to go to tournaments.

I require tournaments for the same reason that I require testings.


My job as an instructor is to put hurdles in front of the student that I know they can accomplish, but hurdles that they don't know they can accomplish. (I could care less if they like me or not) It is my job to know how, to show them how, to teach them how, and to make them how. HE HE HE. Not just to spoon feed them.

But my students know that they all have a choice.
A choice that they have with anything in TKD
A choice that they have with anything in life.

Try or quite!

Thus they learn your YOM CHI through time and trust and the Loyality of the Instructor to the student.

Instructors see this all the time. When you do not pressure test your students in one aspect of class. Then when the student is performing at testing... Blewey, you see something that makes you say, "GOD, where in the heck did that come from". You missed the, "and make them how"

When the student test, it is to put them under pressure and any instructor can tell you that sometimes instructors miss things and they really show up at a testing. Why because of pressure. I have seen students forget their own name at a testing.

When I make students go to a tournament, it puts them under pressure. I could care less if they win or loose, only that they learn.

Have you ever heard anyone say, "Oh no I can't compete in a tournament, I haven't been working out for the last month"?

This to me is synonimous to, "Oh no, don't attack me on the street right now, I'm not streatched out" LOL

So since I know the why and how and I do it for the proper reasons (my YOM CHI is intact) yes, I require it of all my students for it is my way or the highway. But I don't put hurdles up just for a student to fail.

Go Google Alfred Nobel and the history behind the nobel peace prize.
Find out what he invented for the good of mankind.
Just a tool people.


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Jul 29, 2007
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regardless of rules fighting is fighting. When you get hit. It's real. When you get kicked. It's real. Everyone needs to start somewhere and tournaments are great for demonstrratingyour ability and competence to actually use or attempt to use in a real fight.

The majority of the people may never be in a real fight in their life. But for those who will, drills and stuff won't prepare you. Time and again i've had many a person train and train, only to get beat up outside the dojang because they 'froze' or they didn't have much idea or experience on how to apply techniques in a real time setting.

Plus to be a black belt also means to give back. If you can't spar or remember techniques. How can you lead and teach others. Which is what the majority of students want to do.

It's a lifetime thing and i stress people should train and practice outside teh dojang. Not just when they show up.

If I'm a student coming up in the ranns. I want to learn from the leaders who are actually doing it and have teh competence to do it and do it well. in all things.

Not from people who just know the science or the memory of things and how they go.

If you want to be a leader and superior black belt you should be able to be on demand. At any given time.To me that is the best example of tru lifestyle dedication to the art.

Anything else is simply recreation and or hobby.

And we have seperate classes for martial art recreationalists.

hong kong fooey

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Nov 5, 2005
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West virginia
well for my schools black belt test. you have to do all your forms then break a 3 inch board and fight two on one. and as you go up in rank you have to break more boards and fight more people