Are all martial arts systems good?


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Jan 6, 2009
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Why? This is such a blanket statement that it qualifies as being completely erroneous. Most here will agree that a school can maintain a separate kids class while still maintaining a strong SD oriented adult class.


Well, as Telner said, if that is what one is looking for, then it isn't a waste of time. There are people who just want a 'martial' workout. As long as they know that that is all that they're getting, then no problem. If they offer no SD and that is what you're after, then big problem. This is where the customer needs to know what he or she is after and find out if the school offers it. People do endless research on single purchasses, such as a computer or a cell phone, but next to nothing on an MA school. If someone does no research and signs up for class and/or signs a contract, then they have nobody to blame but themselves if they don't get what they're after.

At the same time, it is incumbent upon the school to be honest about what they do offer.

By a mutliitude of armed assailants with guns and knife, what do you mean? Do you mean all at once? And if so, define multitude (2-5 or 10-20) or a multitude of different scenarios?

While I agree that multiple opponents should be dealt with in an MA with any SD pretentions, I'm much more leary of a school that claims that their art will enable me to essentially face down a firing squad and be victorious. That would be a much bigger red flag than anything you've mentioned.

Why not? Yes, I am aware that in an SD scenario, you won't be likely to use a high or jumping kick, but the implication in your statement is that if the MA includes high kicks or jumping kicks that it is either a red flag or somehow not a real martial art. If that is what you mean, then I'd ask you to support that statement.


Silly Sullivan...... sarcasm dude.....


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Jan 31, 2006
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Oslo, Norway
There are a LOT of systems out there able to do the job.
Some have more potential than others, some fit a particular purpose and some simply suck.
The most impotant thing for a student of the arts will always be to find a GOOD instructor then dedicate yourself to learning from that peron.

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