And the results are in....



just thought i would post a bit about the USA karate championships. i competed in breaking, weapons, and forms.

breaking: front kick (1 board), jump spinning axe kick (2 boards), jump back kick (1 board), ridge hand air break (2 boards). i came in fourth. i couldn't compete with all the brick breaking...LOL

weapons: She-Bong Hyung (TSD staff form): second place.

Forms: Bassai-Dae (TSD): fourth place.

considering this was my first "official" tournament i think i did pretty good. although some people think i got robbed in the forms event.

hey... there is always next year, but i was lots of fun!

Good job Shinzu :) I got 4th for forms once, but that because there was only 4 people in my catagory :confused: If there was another person, I wouldn't have placed, because I did my form (pyung ahn ee dan) at eltra super fast and screwed it up lol. But I got robbed in breaking as well :confused: I did a jumping side kick, 360 round kick, and a axe kick. Ok, so I missed on the side kick :mad: :p :D hehehehehe I was nervous I tell ya! lol
yeah, it does make you nervous. i missed a few breaks but we had 3 chances so i did break them all, but that counted against me. plus others broke cinderblocks where i did not, so i think that got them more points also.

oh well... at least i did my best. that's what counted.