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The Sapphire Ping Dragon

Hello Everyone!

I was just curious what everyone's favorite thing to do in Tang Soo Do is. I mean weapons, hand attacks, blocks, kicks, katas, combination fighting techniques, and 1 step-sparring.

I like all of them! My favorites are----

Weapons---nunchucku and staff
Hand Attacks---Kap Kwon Koong Kyuk
Kata---Pyung 3 and Basai (sp?)
Kick---Eedan Dwee Dool Ah Dwi Kum Chi Chinakee
1 step-sparring---1 step #7, 13, etc.
Blocks---Ahnaso Pakero Makee
Combination Fighting Techniques---I don't have a particular favorite for this one. Just make it up as I go along! :)

I'm not sure if I'm spelling everything right. :confused: Hope you all understand what I mean.

Brittany :asian:
My favorite in TSD was pyung ahn ee dan, one-step sparring (all of them), and the flying kicks that TSD is famous for :D I also loved to watch the higher ranks do Bassai (both). I couldn't wait to learn those forms, but I moved and never got the chance :( I love doing forms. That's my main fav in both arts.
Thanks for replying! That's very interesting what you said. One of the flying kicks I'm famous for is Flying Side. It's also one of the very few that I know! :D

Anyone else???

I love that one, too :) One thing they don't do (or very rarely) in my new school is flying or jumping kicks (besides the 360), But I practice them in open class. I usually get people asking me about them :D I usually say "it's an TSD thing." hehehehe But they wanna try anyways.
You have a good sense of humor! hee hee :D

I'm sorry you had to move away from your TSD! I'm just curious, what school are you talking about when you say you don't do many flying kicks?

Sorry about any confusion right there in the previous post! I just wrote on The Opal Dragon's computer and I forgot to log on to my own identity!

Brittany :asian:
That's ok :) I do TKD now. I'm sure TKD does those type of kicks, but my school doesn't regularly practice them (not that I've seen anyways). There's a few things that I miss about TSD, and that's one of them. The forms are another thing I miss.

Thanks for writing again! That's wierd, I was always told that TKD stressed the practing the kicks more and has more kicks in their katas. I was told that TKD means-master or art of the kicks. I'm sorry that you don't get the chance to do more kicks in your school. :(

Brittany :asian:
We do a lot of kicks, but I'm used to a lot more different types of kicks (like my old TSD school did). My new school does front, round, and side kicks regularly, but not many jumping or flying kicks :(
im a big fan of forms. love to learn 'em.. love to do 'em.

phyung o-dan, naihanchi hyungs, bong forms, bassai forms. im up for it all :)

the one steps are pretty cool, but my teacher likes to do realistic grabs, locks and takedows also. those are the best. preparing for real life situations.

i like the staff and the nunchaku also.

my favorite kick would have to be the roundhouse. jumping kicks are pretty cool also.

i do like the mental part of training also. meditation, focus, and developing better technique.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here! Sometimes my computer doesn't work or it goes REALLY slow. :( It seems like we all love forms! :D Thank you guys for writing! ;) Anyone else?

Brittany :karate: :wavey: :boing1: :asian:
I enjoy all of Tang Soo Do. My favorate part would have to be sparring and forms. My favorate Hyungs would be Chil Sung O Rho and Kong Sang Koon.

:) Michael Tabone
Hiya, mtabone.

Ok, now I'm confused LOL. What is Chil Sung? Never heard of it. I heard of Kong Sang Koon. That's like a really high form in TSD! But can you tell me about the Chil Sung one?

I'd like to add something that I love about TSD. The self defense! I went home to NJ and trained at my old TSD dojang, and we did self defense. We even sparred with take-downs (no rules except for no groin shots and hitting to the face .... light contact though)! It was so much fun. My TKD school doesn't do stuff like that. Man, I miss TSD :(
The Chil Sung Hyungs (Seven Star forms) were created by the Late Kwan Jhang Nim Hwang Kee, founder of the Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan. KJN Hwang Kee is concidered the Father of Tang Soo Do. There are seven Chil Sung Hyungs. I only know 5 of them, and seen the 6th, but I can't wait to see the Seventh.
The order goes

Chil Sung Il Rho
Chil Sung Ee Rho
Chil Sung Sam Rho
Chil Sung Sa Rho
Chil Sung O Rho (one of my Favs)
Chil Sung Yuk Rho
Chil Sung Chil Rho

The forms are really spectacular. Teach many concepts and techniqes. Supprised that in New Jersey if you have not seen or heard of Kwan Jhang Nim H.C. Hwang who has a school in New Jersey. (He is the son of the Late KJN Hwang Kee.). I am from Conneticut and train under KJN Charles Ferraro. I am a third dan.

Yours in Tang Soo Do,
Michael Tabone
Thanks for the info. I was doing the pyung ahn series of hyungs.

I heard of him (Kwan Jhang Nim H.C. Hwang), but I didn't know he had a dojang in NJ. Way cool!

When I did TSD, I was under the IMA, www.imahq.net . I wish NY had a TSD dojang near by :( I'd join in a flash. I miss it.
My TSD organazation has a couple of studios in New York. I am not fimiliar with what parts. You can find out if there is a place close to you.


just go to the DoJang Section.

If it helps I am glad.

Michael Tabone
it was said that when GM hwang kee was conceived his mother was looking up at the stars. thus giving meaning to the "seven stars" forms. my highest is chil sung sam ro hyung. they are very excellent forms indeed!

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