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Sep 1, 2001
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What the hell, I'm late but here's my results:

Hobbit Name:
Orgulas Sandybanks of Frogmorton

Smurf Name:
You Go Smurf

Oz "Prison *****" Name:
Finger ****er (at least it looks like I'm pitchin')

Evangelist Name:
Arsen "Bob" Linke

Metal Gear Solid Name:
Maniac Mantis

Hobbit Name:
Grigory Danderfluff of Willowbottom

My results

Hobbit Name Generator gives:

Grigory Chubb

Smurf Name Generator

Litigious Smurf

Oz Prison B1tch Name Generator

Salad Tosser

Evangelist Name Generator

Doctor H. Dwayne Humbert

Metal Gear Solid Name Generator

Discharger Ostrich
Hobbit Name Generator:

Olo Grubb of Little Delving

Smurf Name Generator :

Drippy Smurf

Oz Prison B1tch Name Generator :

Dosent appear to work anymore

Evangelist Name Generator :

Elder Arsen Van Ponziskeim

Metal Gear Solid Name Generator : ( this one is even martial arts related)

Judo Donkey
Hobbit Name Generator:

Drogo Cotton of Overhill

Smurf Name Generator :

Super Absorbant Smurf

Oz Prison B1tch Name Generator :

Doesn't work anymore

Evangelist Name Generator :

Deacon Jerry D. Whitestone

Metal Gear Solid Name Generator :

Bulemic Lemur

lol this pretty cool and th OZ generator is back up...

OZ: Self-toucher
Evangelist: Pastor Wick "Bo" Bilke
Metal Gear: Carnivorous Beaver
Smurf: Igneous Smurf
Hobbit: Moro Danderfluff of Willowbottom
Here are my results:

Hobbit Name Generator: Sancho Toadfoot of Frogmorton

Smurf Name Generator: Cletus the slack-jawed Smurf (ROFL)

Oz Prison B1tch Name Generator: Wishbone

Evangelist Name Generator: Pastor Wick P. Marrs

Metal Gear Solid Name Generator: Deep-Sea Nightingale

Okay, so now my alter egos have been set. Can I stop laughing yet? Nope.

Now I just have to get to work on a random "Ninja Name" generator.......you know, so I can be like "The Hammer" or something cool instead of just plain....uh....me..;)

I've heard that having such a nickname really comes in handy when at tournaments....is that true?? :p

Hobbit name; Popo Sackville-Baggins

Smurf name; Waspinator Smurf

Oz Prison B1tch Name; *** Excutioner

Metal Gear Name; Gundam Crane

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