A Review of Keith Pascal's Book on Punching...

Phil Elmore

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Mar 30, 2002
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...appears here on my web page. If you're at all curious about how to make your own punches more powerful or more useful, how to deal with boxers (or integrate the best of what they do into what you do), or how to enhance your training to become a better striker, you will find this text useful.

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I took a few classes there but had to stop almost as soon as I started. The strain on my wrists was causing them to go numb, and my doctor thought tendonitis might result if I persisted.

Recently, while working through the techniques in Keith Pascal's Wristlocks text, I was reminded of this. After only a few hours of wrist lock techniques, my wrists became a little sore -- so I'm sure if I was doing that two or three times a week I would still have difficulty with such a pace.

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