A Lineage of Dragons: Book review

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Sep 22, 2017
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Since the previous thread Nei Kung
was closed, I did not get a chance to tell the person peddling his book that I actually bought it and read it.

The first thing that came to mind, as open minded as I can be, is the book has a hard time distinguishing fantasy and reality, other times its hard to point if he is trying to make a memoir or trying to teach what Neigong is. There is 2 undertones in the book, one is almost cultish worship of his teacher, and his hatred or anger at everyone else doing Qigong and Neigong.

There really isn't much information that someone would find in the book if they were looking to learn Neigong or what to look for in looking for Neigong. A lot of the book is about his experiences which a reader may find interesting. I don't think the book is written badly and I think as a memoir its fine, As a book on Neigong it lacks a lot of depth and information. With the lack of Neigong specifics in the book, I feel there are better books out there in explaining Neigong, Qigong, Daoism. However if you are looking to listen to someone talk about his teacher as a reincarinated Dragon, and a blurry line of reality and fantasy then this book might be for you.

I tried to write this review based only on reading the book and not anything the author said previously.
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