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Mar 29, 2017
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Hi all,

I would like to introduce you to a very old system of Southern Praying Mantis that was brought to India by a gentleman named Sifu Chen Kiu.He learnt this system while he was working as a sailor from the cook of the ship,called Yaap Mune who claimed to have been a Monk,this was around 1903 or so.

Sifu Chen moved to the city of Calcutta,India,which has the only Chinatown,a place called Tangra, probably in the 1920's.The system was then passed on to Sifu K.S.Hsuing who started teaching it in the Pei Moi School to Chinese students only.In 1975,Sifu Hsuing opened the style to all nationalities and taught till his death in the year 2000.He left 3 diciples to carry on the tradition,they are,Sifu's: Abhijit Mukerji,Lee Kuo Sen and Akbar Khan Thikari.The disciples are 5th Generation lineage holders.

The system has 4 training Seeds:
1. Kiu Bo Chen or 9 Step Arrow
2.Pai Sith
3.Sine Su
Indoor disciples are also taught 12 unique short hand combinations.

The weapons include,Staff,broadsword,Sai and the Tiger Fork.

It is known that some of Sifu Hsuing's Chinese students are teaching privately in the U.S and Canada.
In the U.S you have Sifu Liu teaching in Alberquerquie,New Mexico and in Canada you have Sifu Joseph Fan.

Perhaps one of the members,Mr. Joy Chaudry (Vajramusti) who is from Calcutta and may have been exposed to the system ,albeit perhaps not as a student ,may shed some more light.

This is our first seed form,Kiu Bo Chin or 9 Step Arrow (9 steps is because there are 9 inward pulls,but it is the standard set that is named as 3 Steps Arrow in other SPM systems),here it is performed by 5th generation diciple,Abhijit Mukerji:


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May 29, 2016
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Very interesting, and it's a shame the video quality is so bad that it's hard to tell what the hands are doing. Is there some significance behind the hand clenching and flexing in the first part of the form?

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Nov 11, 2005
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Interesting, although I had to turn down the sound because the Muzak Simon and Garfunkel was so at odds with the movement that it was distracting.

The isometric clenching sections seemed to have a bit of a Sanchin vibe. I wonder if this form has a similar function.


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Mar 12, 2017
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Very nice ,I enjoyed that very much ! Looks very similar to the Chow Gar Southern Mantis I am currently a student of. I will have to look up Sifu Joseph Fan in Canada. Keep posting more videos !

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