Why Silat?

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    many if not too many misunderstand the jurus , so the jurus

    exist in a responding with ten thousand answers for every physical

    question viscously postulated, like the alphabetical symbols provides

    endless word possibilities , but in time the letters are

    thrown to the curb for the words , its the same thing, for

    the jurus, you throw the jurus away for the motions , like

    the plane once in flight no longer needs the runway , below

    but if it takes off without reaching speed, it always hits the

    farmhouse , and if its not navigated right it goes off the

    wrong way and has to circle all the way back , to get where

    it was , so when

    you are ready to leave the jurus you have become the jurus

    you have engraved those same precise motions , into the

    deepest fibers of being, and you can not lift a finger ,

    without instinctively subconsciously automatically

    attaching to it, some specific precise jurus , motion ,

    reference, and then do you ever just scratch your head no,

    never, thats in the jurus , do you raise your arm and

    point the obnoxious drunk out down the road no, jurus

    nine, and two or do you just scratch that back rash all day

    no its all in the jurus , so when you expect the art to work

    for you you gotta work twice as hard for the art , you can't

    master more than one silat system because you can't have

    more than one set of jurus reflexes, now the good thing about

    that is

    you can build techniques from the ground up so if you see an

    appalachian sucker punch or a judaka ear throw your jurus can

    break it down and add it it to your repertoire at will ,its when you

    can't stop doing your jurus , then its time to drop them , sitting

    there having some jello hell no your shifting through four jurus

    blocking multiple strikes with your elbow as you level the spoon
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    teachers are a thing of the past man, we got video now

    we can learn virtually endless techniques, what do we need

    teachers for, anymore, then we can be mail order gurus

    and make disks and streams ourselves to help others

    learn to make ,video courses too, then they can teach

    what they learned watching us making theres ,so with

    new video courses always being offered we can know

    as many techniques as any teacher , out there

    if we play our cards right we can be gurus in

    no less than nine systems a year , we will know

    over five hundred ways to twist an ankle ,

    sure it might set us back a few grand a month

    but its an enterprise, we can turn over , profits

    soon as we release our own first video course series

    of course we can take our nine and combine them

    into one super art, this is the recommended route

    for those who are masters of many systems ,

    and so much easier just to do the techniques home

    in our room without all the having to endure always

    having someone to point out and nit pick all our little

    mistakes as we are learning, up the material ,

    thats all having a teachers really good for, so

    you learn how to spot some mistakes , thats all obsolete in

    in making your video course series , a success, besides

    being told what you're doing wrong, doesn't even guarantee

    you will ever do it right , with out allot of perfect practice

    and even if you were to take your guitar to santana

    play his songs and let him be pointing out wherever you go wrong

    and then when you have all the smallest mistakes correct you

    would still be lucky to be just half as good ,and what music did you compose

    thats as any where near as good as he is at his worst, who had

    santana as a guitar teacher again, thats right, no one we've all heard of

    you can explain technique but teachers can't teach their skill only develop

    and guide the potential for whatever skills a student possesses
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    This is the best thread ever
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    silat is an honorable art , letting the other make the first move

    is what makes the art work best , on so many levels , for one you have

    karmic right on your side , this doesn't mean waiting for their strike or thinking to

    intercept it even , too late , its like if if you were too light a news

    paper end soaked in gasoline on the ground , if you wait one moment

    you have a fire ,but if you step on it immediately it goes out ,

    so there,s three phases just standing there ,then there is motion

    then comes the strike , its the motion that matters most,

    we might wish we had time to wait to deflect their strike

    but what if they are one of those fools who can produce five

    or more strikes in a seconds time, we are hit four times before

    we know it , so we have the smallest window that opens up

    all our opportunity , and hope that they send a good telegraph

    we can catch before not as their strike goes out , the hand is so fast

    the hit might be a quarter of the way out anyway that is okay no real power

    as yet so if its deflected at the point just where it bursts into acceleration

    you own that force , and from that you take control over the rest of

    their motion , their motion becomes your flow , silat is getting inside

    of their motion , we go where they go first, then they go where ever we

    want them to, so they want to hit us, at ninety miles an hour we want

    them to miss us, going two hundred and ten miles an hour , its as simple

    as that , silat is usually shown exchanging strikes in elongated often exotic

    looking combinations , that go on and on, mostly with music, but thats

    all like only showing the sheath the outer part that holds the blade ,

    like a race car with the hood welded closed , the understanding is sealed

    say if you can take a saucer and cup full of hot tea put it on your head

    and try to stand up , and walk around the room without scalding yourself ,

    then you have an internal understanding of controlling your own balance ,

    its ten times harder to understand controlling the balance of another,

    If you move high or low and your balance is taken in time you can't fight,

    until you get it back , in fact you won't even know your name, or think to

    take a breath, let alone realize how many hrs you have trained, in what and all you

    knew from it , the truth is ninety nine percent of the art rides on that

    first millisecond ,that is the key that opens the art , like they are that race

    car we don't know whats under the hood , but as soon as it moves

    we jump through window and take the wheel , striking of course

    so its an art that takes years to learn, and forever to master,

    to go to someone not set on moving in, means we are about to

    find out what they know , to do with our force, and we might

    find them stepping back or wrapped around our ankle , or dropping

    to low sweep etc , and now we are caught having to play catch up in their

    game, cause we went to them when they can go anywhere ,and do anything

    taking and controlling their balance is the art within the art , and that's the physics

    of it ,
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    thats why many silat schools will just face off

    so many times throwing punches after punch

    in ready stance back and forth followed by a

    short technique ,the heart of the art is in the

    reading of the opponents motion just before the

    first strike, timing the entry by what subtleties

    you see this is why its not un common for each

    to fall and get back up way over ten times in a

    minutes passing , not allot of time for allot of thinking

    about perfecting different techniques, that's for the

    slow motion training ,

    you hit the mat more in silat than you do in judo , going over

    a hundred falls an hour , in harder training , the more times

    in a class the better ,whats funny is the defenders relaxed using

    all the tricks and no effort while the one striking is getting their

    spine twisted to the ground at the speed of gravity so I'm wondering

    here how many falls are their in a silat minute and the only

    way is to know now is to walk over to my mat ,and throw a strike

    and imagine the worst happens then throw myself to the mat like

    I'd been swept or thrown of course imagine some counters on the

    way down ,but yeah the mat is no stranger in silat, theres some tangling

    on the ground but not too much in the event their friends feet

    doing a hat dance on you while you grappling, so you bounce up

    soon as possible ,and by the end of a good class everyone feels

    like they've been in a collective car accident, except for the one

    teaching , they're fine, after a night of bouncing students around
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    so we know the old time tested traditional arts are proved to

    work or they wouldn't still be around ,like wheels can't be modified

    by adding more curves the foundations and structures are sacred

    to the core of the form, can you add a line to an F and call it an E,

    or an I to an A and label it a triangle , each art is like that letter in

    the alphabet ,

    sure it can be calligraphically drawn into endless designs , but you

    still always must know an F from an E, and recognize their symbolic

    signatures , so some think they are adding fire when its really hot water

    dilution to their respective system , in silat it all was handed down

    through the language of the jurus motions and meanings

    so whatever we see, relative to our jurus we can understand

    it becomes ours, if it wasn't already , the jurus are objective

    learning tools , formulas for understanding any and all motion

    you can't know a style until internalizing their forms and having

    their meanings passed down to you, but no one can own a motion

    and there are only so many efficient paths to move and be moved,

    so motions all over lap , and connect at certain points , silat is a

    learning process there are those holding great vocabulary but

    does any say they know all combinations of letters words , does

    any claim they know all variations of motions ,

    but we have access to high technology to train our

    selves physically in ways impossible before this

    time, that's how to improve our art, without changing it
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    Any martial arts can teach the student how to hit hard,

    yet the best systems focus on teaching how to be hard

    to be hit , this is the real skill , and since, no one is

    impossible, to hit , which is why hand work with out

    foot work is nothing, like a race car ,with four flat tires ,

    how when and where one steps, is an art all of its own,

    the steps are more combative than, the strikes coming in

    and ten times as advanced, how cool would it be to be

    behind anyone who swings on you , then counter from

    there ,how easy would self defense be, ever do jurus

    in back of you or fire a jab cross over your shoulder ,

    its not easy, without turning around, no there might

    be taught a dozen ways of countering strikes behind

    your back as opposed to the countless thousands of

    ways to counter going forwards , but that's where

    someone with excellent foot work will be , the back is

    one big target, now, who has the best punch who can

    hit the hardest , who wants to ever stand in front of

    anyone anyway , its just poor logic

    yet most of what you see styles training is just that, mostly

    because its almost just about as tough to get behind someone, as

    it is to never be hit, by anyone, see everyone wants to block

    and parry all the time when foot work does the same thing and

    more , when it becomes the focus of training , its not who hits

    hardest and fastest but who has the better hit , so , to get

    behind the strikes they must first somehow go around us,

    like a good bullfighter has to know just when to step clear

    where a really bad one might try to tackle him by the horns

    and then when you think you have fully mastered footwork, you

    can tie your hands behind your back, and wander into a local

    boxing gym, to easily impress everyone, around the world, on

    you tube,
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    So someone , wrote in, a while back , on some minor binge of banter

    asking who, am I, writing to here anyway, well how should I know

    why should they care, I just write go away , a mth or 2

    come back and wtf like a thousand more hits have appeared

    which always surprises me but never really should, if you know

    what I mean, but of course you haven't a clue , the level from

    which this is coming down from, or not to imply I am some high level

    only by good fortune of a fair amount of quality exposure , which is neither

    here nor there, but what distinguishes the martial from other arts other

    than its destruction

    is its intangibility , in the sense that it is perpetual , you

    can't put it in a museum or capsulate it into this or that

    so its just a puzzle , and you get a formless, ball of confusion,

    in your face wondering just how many ways can one fall ? just that

    its ten times better to have the other, trip over them selves, and

    tangle them selves all up, as much as possible, trying to get to you, then

    going and trying to make them make all their mistakes for them ,

    to do this you need legs like a sidewinder , and geographical

    strategy , or in other words, put simply, how to seem here

    but be there , and then when they go there, to be some

    wheres else , and all you basically gotta do, is let their strikes

    go off in one direction and their step or balance tilt in another ,

    so its like they mistake a guillotine for a portal , you have

    to provide your opponent happy healthy choices, they feel good

    about making, and seem like a very fantastic idea to them, at that time,

    like blocking outwards or punching across their own torso to hit you, kinda

    like a fish looks at a shiny sparkling lure never seeing the hooks attached ,

    or the way a sucker eagerly jumps into a contract before reading

    the fine print, that is silat , in other words, fancy hands are for

    novices , but fancy feet ,now you're talking mad skills , what's it

    matter what they know, if you are not there, and can give them

    nothing, that looks like, everything, for so to be a good opponent,

    one must be very deceitful and extremely misleading, so they must

    think they are buying into a resort, but all that's being sold is swamp

    land, but hey wait ,whats up with all that fancy dancy hands motions then , its

    almost as if in silat they want you see and be looking what their hands

    are doing , could this all be a bunch of mumbo jumbo to take your mind

    off the direction their feet are going , it better be ,
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    why martial arts , number one reason, I imagine

    they are fun to learn and practice , gives the body

    something challenging to do , either by getting better

    or busy healing, and there's the comforting feeling of becoming

    more of a bad *** and the always striving for perfection, settling

    for precision, its the control you get that is, in the accuracy

    of the motion , and in practice cant tell you how many

    elbows heard zooming under my ear as I'm falling and full

    power chops just glancing off throat , as I'm standing but

    how many words can't we spell with 26 symbols ? in counting

    the new ones to come its safe to say endless , the ABC's are a small

    skeleton key for referencing a million things , that's how the jurus are conceived

    combined they should compile a million motions, you should look

    at all martial arts motions and say yeah we have that just like looking

    at all english words and then saying yeah a to z that covers it ,

    or extend the arena watching any athlete move and saying we

    have an understanding of the mechanics behind and inside

    their motion , motion is motion , forms are a concept of motion

    at the same time jurus are languages , that each style speaks

    their own of, all have elbows punches and blocking , deflections

    but were composed according to the level of understanding

    of its creator, like different countries have different dialects

    some may contain more letters or words than others

    some may say use it only the way it is in combination

    which is like having an entire alphabet that spells only one word

    so it better be a good one, others might break it down into every

    phonetic variation , stressing certain vowel sounds more than others

    but the idea is to make a skeleton key that opens as many doors as

    possible , the alphabet is not there to limit the amount of words we can

    know, , the alpha what, when was the last time we needed to reference

    that to form a word , we don't have to think about letters when we got words

    why is that, all words are combinations with no regard for sequence ,

    so there are allot of reasons to hold interest in martial arts , from the

    purist to the dabbler , everyone composes their own puzzle of it
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    Well, I've just been Sapu'd , Like never before by the least

    likely suspect no less , you would only think he was there

    to help you , but too turn out to be so two faced , there

    only to soothe injury, not break your neck, when you least

    expect it, Its Sunday, Farmers Market Day , slept too late

    they sell out , all I could think of .need more of those great strawberries

    every morning first thing , I eat a couple, and throw a

    couple of smashed ones in my big thermos of green tea

    and honey , a few hours later the whole thing taste like

    strawberries, a big basket cost like five bucks ,but can last

    through the week , these berries are solid you have to

    chew them . Looking at the clock , throwing on the first

    clothes in sight . The room was half dark, bolting for the

    door, less than a quarter second later found myself flat

    on the wood floor ,so fast my right foot was out, and my

    left arm down to break the fall , flashing back allot of

    mat smashing memories. Luckily there was an orange

    on the floor and my left hand caught a piece of it , or I

    might have broke a wrist, In my head, I'm thinking holysht !

    that was no ordinary slip. Now for those any of you who are

    curious what it might feel like to to really be Sapu'd , and I've

    been perhaps by some of the best, All you need , that is, the best

    Sapu simulator, Ive' recently stumbled upon and would most

    recommend , something very low to the ground with about

    six wooden wheels, Should have thrown that deathtrap

    away soon as

    it snapped off the little cart ,it was originally a part of

    that held twelve wheels but no, it fit in my back pocket ,

    might be good to keep for when my bad shoulder is acting

    up , I think I threw the rest of it out when it broke , keeping

    only one of the axles , what a mistake that was . the bumpy

    wheels provide soothing relief on tight muscles s

    Turns out that thing is lethal, and belongs secured to the wall

    along with swords and throwing stars , and other dangerous

    training equipment So I got up, WTFlying F was that, as my eyes

    traced the dimly lit the floor had to look no further, there it

    was, about four feet away , Now I remember it was in the small

    drawer I threw all my socks on the floor scrambling to find a quick

    match , in the flurry , and with them the roller cart,

    The funny thing I'm not kidding , its a great training tool

    too find and feel what its like to have the foot leg go out fat

    and slow on a perfect angle, A good Sapu takes you by total

    surprise and their is no counter but to go with it, that's what it is,

    a game of ,Hey look what my hands are doing draw high go low

    its in all the arts the That was the problem my foot didn't just

    go straight up like slipping on a banana peel , so happens it was

    there positioned to slide out at about a forty five angle or more ,

    that's what really leveled me out in a flat heartbeat ,
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    funny thing, someone goes to martial arts to learn many things they

    may not know they are going to learn, Like, millions of people badly injure

    themselves, each year , by falling ,how many times has everyone accidentally

    fallen far more times then they ever had to defend themselves you'd guess

    But it would be my guess that many of the more injured fallers were not martial

    artists , and that they probably fall much less than average, the fact is a fall might

    be more ten times more likely to happen than any form of physical conflict

    so we practice martial art so we don't get hurt as badly like everyone else falling

    slipping slamming tripping stumbling banging and bumping over and under and into

    something all the time , On the flip side silat is learning to fall in a hard way,

    and when one has fallen countless thousands more than those who never learned

    too much of a good thing can backfire in a big way , and with silat the sweeps

    allot of the falling is more a straight down compression drop, Seems the more

    advanced the art , or artist the more vertical the falling is , which is why

    motions are learned big then they get so small they all but disappear
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    So, 60,000 over a twentieth of a million

    now I gotta think up something to write

    Find some common theme again and

    roll with it, was going to come on the

    other day when I thought I'd something

    to say , But now I don't recall, One cannot

    have a lazy mind in silat , It is an art of great

    imagination, Techniques are like jokes, Heard

    Seinfeld do a bit, in an interview, how when

    when he once got distracted fell off his timing

    told the same joke, to the same crowd

    twice without realizing it, First time they were

    just hysterical, second, not so much, Its the rule of

    element of surprise , He's thinking why aren't

    they laughing at my great witty clever insightful

    humor , Even the top comedians can't get away with that

    Once was reading some funny lines in an acting class

    monologue, they were all laughing then I forgot

    about half way through went blank momentary

    stage fright whatever ,the teacher say okay go

    back start from the beginning , I remember

    now doing all the funny material, and there

    was one guy that still laughed , But he's not going

    to be the one who tries to sucker punch us in a dark alley

    Its the same if not worse with techniques , F techniques

    for self defensen Would any would be offender to be expected

    to try the exact same combination of moves twice, in a row

    But look at most any schools window driving by that's what you see

    so its like acting ,with one trying to pretend knowing its not coming

    as they perfect the move going back and forth, dismissing the crucial

    element of surprise , Like two comedians testing their material back

    and forth , If someone walks up talks to a stranger , do they know

    for certain at all what they will say next , How many words begin

    ABC not many, Yet the three letters are used in thousands of words

    How many are as good as billy jack , who kindly outlines the details

    of a forthcoming attack, Not that many , So is the instructor supposed

    to provide hundreds of responses to hundreds of possibilities in each

    session, Yes, but most would be out of material by the end of the week

    and even if they were able , How is the student supposed to absorb

    all the material So practically speaking Its more a teaching of a mindset ,

    instilled based on the fact ultimately the student is on their own

    when they walk out that dojo door, after having someone alow

    them to go through the motions of a few techniques for a couple hours

    Take away the surprise element through programing rote repetition

    and its all false skills and pseudo confidence, that's instilled, loaded

    with ready reactions , How many moves are there in a chess game

    its like that, its not until you take control that you can begin to predict

    the opponents next move , Its the moves we don't see that lose the game

    when we walk into a setup that's when things fall apart, Say the opponents

    gotta five move combo fresh from class up their sleave, will we want to counter

    on the fifth or first move, which is safer to train for, The class should be one

    says to the other now I'm going to do a 5 move technique on you , and the other says

    no you aren't, cause when you move I'm doing something unexpected, and

    changing whatever you were thinking about doing next, But no one would

    ever master the techniques , exactly , techniques are all sold separately

    that's to say they have a cash value at the school , they make lots more

    selling word sentences than teaching the ABC's , and now online gurus

    pushing whole systems through the monkey see and do method ,

    when you gotta have correction and you need to feel the truth of

    the material , its like you buy the mike tyson how to box set

    as opposed to standing in front of him, Your lucky to learn

    much that will make you think you're more than half of twice

    as good as you are from any video, say, in words what exactly

    does it feel like to have ones balance destroyed and ones foot

    lifted in directions it can not step whilst being compressed

    faster than gravity will alow , directly into the floor, Just so

    they know what they are buying online is entertainment 90%

    and Silat Training 10 % ,if they are lucky , sure its fun stuff

    and fun even to even think you learned something real

    Silat is traditionally a precision practice made up of the

    smallest groups , who devoted most of their time to learning it

    as handed down , And oh while the stuff might work splendidly on

    Rodger Dwaine Ted and Maria etc down at the school The drunk

    Thai boxer after five red bulls , might supply a little different energy

    and remember "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day"

    Maxwell Smart,

    The value of a school is you can graduate to multiple opponents , to as

    soon as you can deal with one, start to deal with two, which is much different

    then maybe always deal with at least two, it can only make dealing with one easier
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    Cause once one of them gets a hold of your legs

    you may find yourself grappling with both which

    aint easy The great gracie's don't even do that from

    what I've seen, because wrestling two is practically

    impossible , Ground arts teach everything you

    shouldn't do for more than one, they aren't

    programed to block the outside stomps from

    the side that follow during their famous dives

    and the big ground and pound mount pretty much

    all their positions leaves them a sitting duck , for

    anyone to practice their soccer kicks at will, maybe

    most any two amateur kick boxers could take out

    most any expert ground fighter cause their best stuff

    puts them in the worst danger, A boxer would fair ten

    times as well as a grappler against two opponents

    that kind of thing we hear about happening all the time

    where so fast he knocks em both out on their feet

    but many will still argue its good to know ground

    grappling techniques just in case there's only one ,
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    Isn't it just stupid to criticize peoples styles of martial arts ,

    publicly . Well at least by name, to say anything at all

    other than right there on their mat is as ridiculous as

    it is meaningless, So I'm just watching this Kun Tao,

    over on the You Tube , doing one handed techniques

    and at first glance it looked pretty cool , deflecting

    a quick one two followed by a clothesline type take down

    all swift and easy, Then the next time I noticed some thing

    the feeder, I guess to make it more fair, would drop his first

    arm to his side dangling , no where near where it needs to

    be to counter Now they probably work this kind of a stuff

    back and forth till they are blue in the face, and they are so

    overly focused on their turn getting to be the one armed finisher ,

    that they are too busy trying to remember to have their arm down,

    they don't know to bring it up ,not even to really counter but just

    to have it in the vicinity , should their mock eye poke be too close or

    whatever reason , when someone grabs your arm in class and sweeps

    you accordingly to learn the technique its their turn to do the move ,

    Physically the one who is the throw dummy , fall guy , is just there for

    the ride waiting their turn , but in their mind this their time to think

    about all the counters , This is when the imagination kicks in, from the

    time you feel your strike affected concentrating what you can do to counter

    everything moment to moment , Then its funny how so many depend on

    one momentum to rush in for the throw down , no martial arts reinvented

    the wheel and there's only so many basic ways to throw a guy , any throw

    is a big motion when done with one move , can usually be countered with

    one simple move and all the steven segal etc

    Small circle wrist tweaker's that only work once you get to hold the strikers

    hand , Can you imagine to see that in ufc , or tournaments Heavyweight

    throws a fast jab jab slip cross and wait no he's airborne doing a 360 ,

    and continues to be helplessly flipped around by his wrist till he submits

    defeat , never see it , out of movies and controlled settings , its still a great

    spectator art , to keep in a museum, it still has a lifetime wealth of study within it

    So a more educated or realer system practitioner can watch any such style

    frame by frame and add in the missing moves where possible , So its still refreshing

    watching systems doing what they do, even if the practitioner looks ridiculous

    beyond correction ,can still aptly exploit all the possibilities of countering,

    but what distinguishes styles who use the same throws is the set ups used to help the

    moves flow more efficiently and in the hardest way to counter, some forget punches

    retract and don't pause even that half instant to be grabbed or manipulated into any

    preconceived practiced technique no matter how clever, Silat has their own aikido,

    its just that it's more towards back of the art
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  17. infinite beginner

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    May 25, 2008
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    Yet seems in any situation or event, where the wrist

    does, present itself , or rather happens, to be captured,

    in the flow, Then all that Aikido know how is

    suddenly pure gold . But the nice thing is you don't

    have to be an aikido locking expert to expertly

    counter one, Its not practical to practice countering locks

    themselves only their precursors . If you wait till the

    mortar is dry its hard to knock a wall down
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  18. infinite beginner

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    May 25, 2008
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    Its not the best martial arts that train in a bubble

    that whatever the opponent knows, is our problem

    not theirs to deal with, the thing about silat I seen

    since its relatively new and obscure, to the public eye

    compared to most, allot come in bringing solid

    backgrounds from other martial arts, and see that

    silat is all about countering motion itself , any motion

    its not about a system you never step out of, silat

    is not whirling around like a tiger on fire waiting to

    get ambushed by whats up the sleeve a seasoned boxer

    no, if its fit to be a superior art, it has to be above the

    other arts looking down always wondering WTF they are

    up to, the mind is focused on silat but the eyes and ears

    are on whats out there to expect , can't tell you how many

    black belts have been in classes , one new student after easily

    rag dolling him around half the class with silat ,mentions his

    black belt in aikido, we were just going easy bt its just one

    example, how silat is superior to all arts If a teacher knows

    and studies the principles

    and inner workings of every martial art out there, then no matter what he calls his art

    or school , the style will have that much more value, it takes a few years to get most

    black belts with silat it may take most a few years just to ingrain basic footwork for

    one how you going to learn it in its pure form ? most incorporate it into their kickboxing

    curriculum, its a magical art they in add moves out of thin air who's gonna know , its very

    hard to verify what goes back a century disappears back into the jungles , its a mysterious

    art alright , but you tube shines allot of light, and allot of shadow, but the cream rises to the top

    at the end of the day it the last art standing , more important what teacher than what art

    if all the teachers were to perish today tomorrow there would be no art or so little of it

    like a puzzle with a few pieces remaining, the students would become the teachers who

    guess and get it all wrong , and pass it on a half *** art , there is allot of bad silat out there

    more bad silat than bad karate cause at least most know what that's supposed to look like

    where different silat comes from hundreds of different villages that allot of it now looks like

    bad karate or has been reduced down to sport kickboxing , there really is no such thing as a

    good style without a good stylist to back it up , its funny was watching some belt testing clips

    and it was easy to see the yellow belts bound for black belts some just gave it everything plus

    any added natural abilities they were already way beyond the others , but its like hypothetically

    speaking if every student is a car you can only soup up a v w bus so much if in top fitness and

    naturally athletic physique , you're starting the race with a stock Ferrari already oddly enough,

    allot of the ma instructors also look like natural athletes , some are naturally quick no matter

    how much the naturally slow practices if the naturally quick practices same they never get close

    some are just stronger come from a lineage of muscle, its not that impressive to see guys that

    look like big hells angels leading a martial arts class , but then seeing the old natural ninety

    pound weakling leading the group you know that its the art doing all the heavy lifting,
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  19. infinite beginner

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    was gonna say editing timed out

    but then seeing the old natural ninety

    pound weakling leading the group that look

    like big hells angels you know that its the

    art doing all the heavy lifting,
  20. infinite beginner

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    Yeah so watching a seemingly impressive silat seminar

    old master stands there fast strike comes zooming into

    the masters a bent elbow throw, fantastic , or is it ?

    lets see if the feed was not in violation , you cannot do an

    A grade technique with a B grade feed , its like having the

    the soft ball pitcher from the team the bar put together

    or standing at bat before a major league pitcher, no different

    so I put it to slow motion the first technique , then magnified

    the screen so all I could see were their lower half , and I watched

    only the feet of the attacking student soon as their step started

    I looked up okay hand has not began to extend , D , so back to the

    feet step half way there ,back up arms up still hasn't thrown the hit

    Fail , whats he going to do next wave a flag here I come , by the time he

    throws the fast hard punch , he's sent a telegraph around the world

    in silat its taught you never telegraph what you are really doing

    it looked like he really pushed off his back foot it was a powerful

    A grade lunge , but it didn't mean anything cause there was nothing

    inside it , it wasn't delivering anything but a mile wide warning

    yet looked high powered and full speed , and his teacher didn't

    even let him in on this very basic rule , maybe not to make his task

    anymore challenging , he was almost in range before deciding to strike

    that is the master saw their whole mass moving at them in front of

    the punch , so that negates the impressiveness of the magnificent

    counter down to near nothing , yet everyone cheers on, from now on

    anytime there's a fast spectacular technique it stands to be scrutinized

    in such manner, frame by frame , only seen them so that first move

    curious now about the rest passing the telegraph test , I'm sure they

    know hundreds of next moves to do , but thats like knowing all

    the territory on the other side of the big mote , if you can't get across

    what use is it , there is no martial arts without, everything beyond the

    entry depends on the entry there is no everything after the entry

    maybe even no anything the rest is all wishful hallucination because

    the entry, first move, is everything ,
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