Why Silat?

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    almost forgot my password for a moment or two,

    why do any martial arts at all ? well seems to answer

    that best with a question why not ? 1 reason anyone

    except the pain and injuries , what is martial art ?

    its not like a painting centuries old that is the same long

    after the artist, who painted it , in that sense does it exist

    if all the martial artists were taken to another planet by

    space warriors , but who would that leave if it even included

    the worst with the best does't every one have hundreds of

    hours of video exposure, movies ufc tv etc who isn't a backseat

    martial artist these days , some walk away from just one

    weekend seminar and change their name to chuckie chan seagal,

    or watch slow motion in slower motion episodes of the old kung fu

    series next day they are swinging a staff like the grass hopper was

    shown by master poe , are they now a new martial artist, the point is

    sure everyone is a painter too with a

    brush only their skylines look like

    blotches and trees like stick man

    octopuses, but who can't paint

    still who again would call themselves

    painting artist after a seminar or two

    Its an art almost without boundaries

    beyond concise definition , or a guy

    takes lessons for a few years as a teen

    is he a martial artist for life now, maybe

    there exist no martial arts with out

    the martial artist ,but what is the

    prerequisite for this wide spectrum

    a martial artist is someone who laughs

    in the face of full speed force at their face

    and plays with it like a piro with fire like

    a lion tamer calmly taunts the ferocious

    lions, fact is they make it look like anyone

    can not be instantly eaten if they tried it,

    how much

    class resistance is needed to foil their every technique

    a beginner tries, if everything is fully resisted

    nothing works right , but if it does somethings

    wrong , this technique has seven moves yeah

    ,boolsht , all have 1 the first move, theres is rarely

    ever a hundred percent resistance except when

    2 students might get into a fight mode mid technique,

    it happens , in any class though in the street its the norm

    so how real it is is gauged by levels

    of resistance in training style ,to learn

    another has to let you do the moves,

    once you learn, their role then is to not

    let you, so a martial art , separates itself

    at this phase , you could

    say it starts with countering the counter

    realizing their counter is inevitable no

    matter the move, the newer students

    say what do I do now, exactly this is where

    it gets tricky ,where the art of it really starts

    where it goes from checkers to chess, the expert

    plans on your countering the first ten

    or so things they do , automatically , though their

    intent is its done in two moves or less , but

    for them the strategies, are two sides of the same coin

    though only most everyone may share the second.

    just as every chess players goal is the capture of the king

    yet that is just the martial part , before the art.
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    the art must come before the martial

    or its just kangaroo boxing and gorilla

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    Seems theres a big difference being a practitioner and a martial artist

    the latter requires an understanding of all martial arts , the sophistication

    doesn't exist in proficiency of executing clever technique , but more of

    more cleverly countering them , being expert at ones art alone does not

    make one a martial artist, this is the homework , really who cares if techniques

    are effective within the style , there's no bad martial arts just bad practitioners

    but most any martial arts class training will make one healthier stronger and more

    flexible , at worst they will definitely be able to run away faster and with better wind

    after practicing all those reps of fast flashy kicks , in class,

    even if that's all they do , but again , still the golden rule of all

    martial artists " never underestimate an opponent" , no matter

    what they've trained, martial arts styles are all connected

    at the show down , every style is surrounded by all other forms

    boxers strike like lightning , at any standing distance, so if A is a

    master grappler and B a seasoned boxer ,A has to get past the

    flying fists to even begin to do their thing , that is the prerequisite

    to get to their grappling territory, and if B has a friend quick with their

    boots any where near its not going to go so well for the ground

    expert , thats what they leave out in UFC , if the minute they went to

    the mat they got kicked it would be a brand new reality challenge ,

    BUT GETTING PAST a fast fist to the chin is the key that opens their door

    likewise the boxer is a stranger to the ground, so the most crucial

    practice for the grappler is getting past everything they do standing

    but do we ever see that , no they have one standing attack counter

    for every ten minutes of rolling around , oh they are hell to pay

    good at what they do , in their element , but their instinct is

    ingrained to the tackle reaction , but then its pretty safe

    to say you never want to box a boxer back , what if they

    are a savate expert , is the boxer going to start with a kick

    it would be an unretractable mistake . but the boxer has

    the advantage over both , at the point it goes from words

    to action , cause where two face off its from in his prime range

    blah blah , blah , hands rise Pow ! how it happens ,

    so ones silat savate grappling and silat boxing and silat karate

    and kun tao counters, must be, at the top of the training awareness .

    but what do you style s do pitched with a style that 's focused solely on that

    tedious ground sweeping, , silat would seem the closest thing

    if one did that thousands of times a day they'd be one tough mf

    for one just free falling flat to the ground beats the sht outta ya

    then there's all the endless spinning , and jumping up fast seems

    people would remember to forget to go back to a class that

    did only that , before they can be kicked punched or grabbed

    they are already falling and they only want the leg on the way

    and let that ground they thought their best friend , become

    their worst enemy speeding up behind them , as bad as it

    feels flopping half flat to the ground ,its way worse thousand times

    to be ground swept theres just no easy way to fly up and land

    a quater second later flat on your back, even if you go slower

    gravity is gravity , well this is one martial art that would

    have the falls catch up from all that shock and self inflicted impact

    thats why all martial arts seem to have it , but not only it

    again silat is ground kinda art , so it shows up quite allot .

    So there's that to despair over , as well , so an art is only

    as strong as its holdup to comparison, to see ones art in

    all martial arts is too have a very deep rooted art , then its

    not really your art now it you owe so much of its understandings

    and practical applications to all the myriad of counterings for

    other arts out there .

    All martial artists on a high level , are sharing in the same art

    they all drop their students instantaneously some a bit faster
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    since all martial arts are physics of motion

    physics of motion must be all martial arts

    all martial motions , rule one , across the

    board , like rock climbing or scaffold walking

    don't fall, rule two there's always more than one,

    to kick you when your down

    to rule three they always have a hidden shiv in hand

    can't train all the time in your style and expect to be

    exempt from the rules , can't say oh gasp they have a blade

    say lets see yeah we did knife defense techniques in last sat

    class after the grappling between the combo practice ,

    all that rolling bag work training calisthenics trading techniques

    back and forth, all obsolete ,all riding now on recalling those

    few training techniques or those what if there;s more than

    occasional one classes

    rule 4 no rules beyond the doe jo , to rule 5 there are no blade counters

    for the ones never seen , so here all those here comes the blade now trading disarms

    games or techniques are useless , say one joins a new ma club , one night they lock the doors

    hand half the class real knives and say ok slashing but no stabbing you know some one's

    gonna get stabbed , but that thought alone facing the common great equalizer that renders

    mountains of rolling and tumbling material pointless ,

    now the ninety pound weakling invading your space , has just turned your black belt pretty

    yellow and his little friend , cause there's as the other we don't see , who are all armed too

    Rule 6 when training always be untouchable , now there's a a swell set of rules

    for an ideal do jo , that is , its ones choice we can train most or least for the best

    or the worst case of scenarios, the choice is up the the various style club heads ,

    so we know its not how hard one trains. or how smart one trains, or how smart one

    hardly trains, but how hardly one smartly trains the most ,

    just as every carnival had its magician , one made his lively hood by slight of hand

    so just what is slight of hand trickery some call them the jurus , as once the tiger

    engages his expectations, are set, in stone ., but no one's a real tiger wanna learn

    the way of the tiger get a play full cat , a clip , they put a small house cat up against a king cobra

    and then a diamond back , snakes never had a chance, gotta small lightning quick black cat

    the other day it was attacking the string moves that blow jackie chan out of the water

    and even put a great Bruce Lee to shame

    once had a small calico cat had her kittens between the houses ,along comes this big skinny stray retriever

    towards the kittens , she got up on her back two leg s with paws stretch wide and ran at that dog

    like a grizzly bear hor about ten feet , the dog ran when he saw that
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    some martial arts are Volkswagens others are Maserati,'s

    only they all come to the student unassembled in a box

    they don't drive out the dogo in a car the first day

    and no one can put it together for them , the teacher

    only provides the instruction manual , one cannot

    watch a video and build a car , before understanding

    how the whole thing fits and functions together

    the teacher can open the box and spread the

    pieces and components out on the floor

    the hardest arts have the fewest student

    not everyone can assemble a Maserati

    then after one does , that still does't make

    one a formula 1 race car driver, you have

    to put the car together , before learning how

    to operate it with any skill , many are so thrilled

    just getting the box of Maserati materials , and the

    assembly instructions they may not even

    open the box , how can one teach amother how to

    build and fly their own rocket ship until one has built one

    and flown one themselves , then most will never be rocket

    scientists, that is it may take a plumber a dozen lifetimes to grasp

    the complexity , even if they are supplied the material and instruction

    blueprints , in silat you work with motions so what ever motion come

    you welcome , the art of channeling and directing force when it comes in

    you pull when it goes back you push you have to use the force relish in it

    thats why the old masters are so hard to hit , and you never know what t

    hey are going to do , because they are only using what you do against you

    Ali ways the greatest cause almost no one could hit him , no matter how strong

    or hard and quick they punched, because they trained to hit , someone

    hitting them , not someone who trained how not to get hit its much easier to hit

    than not get hit , if one was good enough at it , one wouldn't even need to learn how

    to hit , the art of evasion is much more complex than the art of confrontation

    of course its an imperfect art as anyone can get hit sooner or later , so both arts are

    complementary some just collect boxes and are experts at knowing all the parts

    inside them with ut ever putting anything together as knowledge only guru's

    or just blueprint robbers from the arts
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    seeing a technique watching a video greatest way to learn

    from a screen so easy as a b monkey do monkey see,

    can watch and practice a thousand video techniques a

    day , and when soon through mail the instructions

    to assemble the tight wire and the unicycle arrives,

    who wants to know the do's but not the don'ts as

    first thing about riding a unicycle you need a

    unicycle , or all those riding techniques are

    irrelevant ,

    What it is , like one starts out with a big empty circle

    then fills it in with mistakes its easy to learn three ways to

    do a move in six minutes , but its not the perfection that

    makes you fall off the high wire , I don't know I'm no unicycle

    expert but it seems there are allot more things you cant do

    than things you can , to keep the wheel on the wire ,

    so its an ocean of error around a deserted island of perfection

    say to take in the moves is to know only one way to do it, that's

    the right way, we see it in a class looks easy enough try it and

    in don't work , the reason is simple lies in the principle of

    countless imperfect possibilities, start with a rope end with a thread

    an expert knows most what they are not supposed do the novice

    only knows what they are supposed to do , so they fall off

    like approaching billiards all is organized and orderly then the

    break happens all chaos breaks loose from out of the haphazard

    chaos, strategy to align the strikes sets its course and skills

    call all the shots, its now a science a pool shark sees no guess work

    its all mathematics geometrical physics ,

    so learning a technique knowing it and understanding it are three different things

    so what plus why equals how , all the wrong ways out of the way leaves only the

    right ways , with always a better way so all techniques and arts are incomplete

    its like to know how to win ones argument one must know the opponents

    but no one knows what anyone will say or do next this throws all the fixed

    techniques out the window , all technique breaks down to a conflict of

    micro increments, of motion , every opponent creates new holes in the

    technique theory for applications to patch
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    You have posted a series of responses here - all very hard to read. Why the double-spacing, no capitalization, and odd line breaks?
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    Actually now is an improvement than what was usually being posted several years ago...

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    I shudder to think what that must have been like.
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    If it was easy everyone would be trying to read it , why spread pearls to

    swine , Oh wait everyone is trying only 68 000 or so swine views

    too feel sorry for , having to dig through the labyrinths of metaphors

    But then darn it all to heck !

    Just wrote a whole streaming page , went and hit full screen gone

    lost it all , now I gotta recall, it all , not worth it to me

    hate that , Oh easy to say the

    same damn thing but with different words , Why study silat

    seems its the most prone to deception style out there

    with its origins tribally fragmented over vast jungle

    islands .

    Anyway seems the most likely to be about bulsht , it was

    practiced not called silat , but simply survival

    There are no rules , In silat fight club .

    Sht not even close to the same words I wrote before

    so what you don't know what I wrote before either

    I could say they were the same ,just like I can say

    say , Yeah this technique is silat passed down out

    of the jungles of some island centuries ago , same thing

    Any way you don't go sign up first then say now can I see the

    teacher , No you see them move , and you say holy sht wtf

    was that , If you see three or four big tough looking fckers

    wearing the same sweat soaked shirts , all be told to strike

    them , with full force at once and a few seconds later

    he's standing there laughing and they are piled and

    tangled on the floor also laughing , Whats in a name

    its all the teacher, then you have to wonder ? how

    much is the art and how great is the teacher , if its a system

    of principles that require the most effect with the least effort

    it might or might not be silat , Or rather one of its many

    styles . Every torch passed down, eventually becomes a candle .
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    Why martial art ? we study and train for decades , confrontations last
    seconds , most can count them on one hand thats one 99.999 percent
    of the time training, the learning part distracts the mind and allows
    the arms and legs to flail about vigorously In short it makes us feel
    more alive, like any enjoyable athletics

    It tricks the mind into getting off the couch because we are always learning
    once the learning current slows the fun's over turn out the lights , its one eye on
    the training the other on the clock. again , for one to declare , I'm a silat man
    or a kun tao woman or a karate whatever ,is to become victim to ones own
    limitations, some styles are shallow some are deeper , some teach more universal
    principles , like a race mechanic understands how all engines are put together
    the drivers dont , observing every style holds a potential stepping stone to better
    understanding our own style , there is only one martial art , that comprises and
    contains all styles and systems

    So some we have to laugh at some we praise and copy some we examine to learn
    counters against . as long as anyone out there is doing something tricky we have never
    seen there is something new to learn . Whether they know it or not , not as mere style
    practitioners but as martial artists, all are and will always be infinite beginners.
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    Happy Holidays How's Everyone
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    There is something very
    important now, to turn and
    direct efforts and greater
    focus of attentions towards.

    That being the massive sheer responsibility
    those with any direct line connectivity
    into any rare traditional system, passed down
    and handed up, through history, bear to
    keep the art alive.

    How it is so vital to once the basics are understood to
    seek and find some trusted outsider to share all ones
    knowledge with, at every stage, the blessings and benefits
    are multi fold particularly in terms of the arts preservation

    Any teacher whatever level only requires one devoted
    student to keep the art alive in them . as it demands that
    one continuously go back and re examine all their teachings
    from basics to present.

    Frail as each snowflake, is unique, fragile as a smoke-ring
    around the dragonfly wing, well almost , You are the art,
    You are a fck en guardian of the art. as You may need it
    at sometime to survive, so too, it needs you ,

    for its continuance of survival .

    Say you and all involved in your system
    crash-landed on the moon then the art
    ,what art, there is no art, like no movie
    without projector, kept alive only by the
    collective perfection of each practitioners,
    best recollection.
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    some day might go back a read what I wrote not today. martial arts are visual

    until the motions become invisible okay microscopic and internal in origin thats

    how a master can do in 2 or 3 motions what it takes a student to do in 10 motions

    many things need to be explained just in order to see them . see a guy flopping around

    in all directions hear them all say yeah it takes over a life time study to learn it all

    like looking at the waves on the surface of the sea thats all you see yet the depths are

    unknown till you dive down in to it only then can you begin to see into the hidden depths .

    the deeper you go the more you realize its bottomless . a micro universe an onion with infinite skins123

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