The next generation of fighters.

Discussion in 'The Competitive Edge' started by Kenpo5.0Hawker, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Just listened to "eye of the tiger". Twice just before my oldest kid got up and "bothered me". She and that song got me thinking..........What do you plan on givinng the next generation of fighters? My culture dictates we adults always act to benifit the next Seven Generations. I myself hope to teach them how to FIGHT. I hope to teach them to fight for their People. And for their community. I hope to teach thru demonstration that being a good person takes WORK!

    Sometimes. You gotta stand up for what you believe to be right. What's right for THE People, but also whats just plain right for any people. Red, black, brown or pink. They all deserve certain rights. That's why my family trains. We all work so we can say NO! To Opression. No! to hate. We Natives have been hammered on long enough. We can see the suffering of others. But we are still warriors. We Will defend our People. Our Country. And any person we see wronged. We do not walk away because it's safer. We do not surrender. Not to Opression. Not ever . Weather that Opression comes from a single person or a group. We fight. we always fight for what's fair. For the underdog. And those too weak to help themselves.

    My question to you all. ..., what would you fight for? My next question.. What are you willing to fight fight for tomorrow?

    Mandate last. What do you Stand for? Or... What won't you Stand for?
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    Very impassioned thread there Kenpo5, what race/tribe are you? Not wanting to get into any race thread (and would be the first to admit that over the years many natives in many countries have had it rough) but would be good to know where you ar coming from.
    In response to your question, there are a great many things and ideals I will fight for. But maybe the better question both for myself, others and yourself is - not what you will fight for but how do you intend to fight for it? And, how do you intend to show your children to fight? Martial arts and sports related fight training (boxing etc) can be great when your person (or that of your family) is in imminent danger of being physically assaulted. Outside of that, the physical approach to fighting for a position in most instances will be the plain worst thing you can do.

    Teach you kids and family and tribe how to fight and defend themselves physically and to instill confidence but if you want to give them a better legacy, teach them how to fight on all levels and in all arenas of life. The spoken and written word is all powerful in the society many of us live in. Higher education, attainment of positions in local and federal authoroties to represent your peoples and exert influence, these are the things that will help protect you. Positions in universities and schools so your culture can be exposed to others, propogated, preserved and understood. Law degrees so your people understand the law, can defend themselves and others and your lands in court and influence (and be numbered amongst) the law makers in government. If higher education and the funds for sending your younger generations to such schools seem unrealistic research if there are grants, sponsorships or other benefactors that can assist in putting your kids through university etc - that's if they are interested in that route of course.

    Knowledge (and even more so these days, the impression of the possession of knowledge) is more powerful than the ability to weild ones fists.

    My question to you, how are you going to best help the generations of tomorrow to be able to best fight for themselves?

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