Your kung fu name

Originally posted by TLH3rdDan
lol using my full name i got: "retarded mantis crotch" Hale

using my MT name on here i got 'Phoenix Arm God(dess) of the East'

i like the second one best lol

That first one isn't quite so cool, really. :p
Just call me 'Unstoppable Fist' Maxwell. I like that, primarily cause I have a habbit of bouncing offa things.

"Okay two things, first I'll never take my shirt off in a movie, until I look as decent as say, Jeff Speakman shirtless. And in a related Jeff note, I wish I could hit like him. I mean he hits people and they go down and stay down. I hit people and the break out laughing and hit back"
ok I have alot of names ...

MT name : 'Iron Phoenix Arm of the East'

nickname everyone has always called me : 'Phoenix Arm of the East'

nick + first last name :'Monkey Arm'

nick + fist and last names : 'Silver Fox'

nick + second last name : 'Silver Sparrow'

first name : 'Spastic Arm of the East'

first + first last name : 'Spastic Arm'

first + second last name : 'Mantis Arm'

first + first and second last names : 'Snake Arm'

first last name : 'Flying Phoenix of the East'

second last name : 'Invisible Phoenix Crotch God(dess) of the East'

fist and second last names : 'Retarded Phoenix Spear of the East'

Hmm... can anyone guess any of my names ? (besides the MT name)
"Spastic Phoenix" or "unstoppable arm" depending on which of my names I use. I kind of like spastic phoenix in some twisted way.
Timothy Craig= "Jade Crane" Craig

But since i go by Tim instead of timothy i am the proud 'Drunken Crane" Craig

My full name Timothy Adam Craig= "Shadow Crange Crotch" Craig


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