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Sep 16, 2001
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my friend and me are putting together a womens course,and i was just curious about some ideas people might have that i possibly have not thought of or just over looked.
the program is still in it's infant stages but any input would be apprectiated in any area.
I have given rape prevention and women's self defense classes for my Dept.

I get really into talking about Environment and Situational awareness. Intigrating it into your life and trusting your gut hunch.

Then getting over the phobias envolved with gouging an eye biting a lip or tearing and ear and twisting testicles is also something covered.

If I find my outline I had in a notebook and my handouts I can email them to you.

Great post! I am actually in the process of setting up a women's self-defense program for a fitness facility here in Pittsburgh as well and have put a lot of thought into what I thought I should teach.

I think what Mr. Hunter mentioned is the most important, first step, Awareness. Mr. Wedlake did this great drill where he paired people up and had them stand back to back with their eyes closed. They then had to describe each other. Now one would think they would be able to, but I find that many people do not pay special attention to detail like; is their hair pulled up, color of their pants and shirts, what type of shoes, glasses or no glasses, etc...

I think this is a great starting point because it brings out the idea that one must be aware at all times and show how unaware many people are even in places that they visit frequently.

From there you could go in many directions. A good starting outline would be to use Mr. Parker's 12 Priorities of Self-Defense Techniques-

1- Environment
2- Range
3- Positions
4- Stances
5- Maneuvers
6- Targets
7- Zone Theories
8- Natural Weapons
9- Natural Defenses
10- Breathing
11- Tailoring
12- Physical and Mental Conditioning

I usually do not use all of these elements though they are all very important, but I highlight certain areas like; natural weapons, natural defenses, positioning, breathing, environment, and targets.

I also tried to find an easy stepped process and came up with-
APR. Which stands for- awareness, preparation, and response.

I thought this highlighted the most important aspects of the process.

Anyway, I wish you much luck and success in your program. Take care and good journey!

Joshua Ryer
UPK Pittsburgh
I had done a few work shops for women defense and the one things they always would ask is the "what ifs".

You can show the Kenpo in general but they might come back and ask "what if he grabs you by your hair from the back" or "how can a person my size ever do that kind of damage".

It might be good for you to have a male counter-part there so you can demonstrate on him, that way they have a physical view as well as a mental view.

Also, their environment should be brought up so they can relate everyday things in their live with Kenpo. Like the sudden itch at the top of the head (upward elbow and etc.).

Hope I could of been of some help.

Bill Smith
What issues do you think are most important to address in a woman's self defense course?
This is just my outlook on it but I would explain the "flight or fight" theory, make them know that they are not intended to become victims if they fight back or die trying. (Its goes back to if you attacker trys to force you into a car and there is a second location, the victim may not survive).

Also is getting them to use everyday items, movements, etc so they can relate and react naturally. Show them the environment they have around them (a saying from Mr. Parker "Environment is in you, on you and around you") like car keys, the handle of a brush, an ink pen, unbrellas,etc.

And last but not lease, get them in the mental state that this is something they can do and if life depends on it...must do.

Not an authority on this, this is just from earlier workshops I've done and building on each one as it goes to better help.

Bill Smith
something else that most times goes unsaid is SELF WORTH.
I work at a hospital in radiology on the weekends. This being the case all we see are E.R. patients (car wrecks, broken bones, minor trauma, cardiac, etc.). There have been a number of women who come through our doors who have just been beaten to a pulp.

One lady kept on us to hurry up, she didn't want to be late bailing her husband out of jail because he would get even more angry with her. What the hell is that all about? I've never seen any of the husbands or boyfriends that do this, otherwise I would have been fired long ago, but these women don't seem to have any sense of self worth and it's very sad.

I wish that school districts would institute a special class in high school for women on pregnancy, raising a child, and how to take care of yourself when you discover you are in an abusive relationship. On that note, they should teach the guys the affects of drinking/driving and drugs... but that's a whole other topic (obviously what they are doing now isn't working).

Sorry to vent but I just get tired of seeing this crap all the time.

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