Wing Chun in Bangkok - 咏春在曼谷 - วิงชุนในกรุงเทพ


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Oct 8, 2023
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Hi fellow martial artists,

I hope posting this here is alright (mods please delete if not). I have started a private Wing Chun training group in Bangkok since as far as I know there are only 2 official schools and 1 group that trains in one of the parks here in BK, which is not a lot of choice in the first place when it comes to Wing Chun and Chinese martial arts in general.

I'm a certified instructor from Europe that is living here in BK permanently. I also travel to HK from time to time. I will be teaching the group with a focus on starting slow with fundamentals but then steadily progressing into pressure testing and sparring. The training includes forms, solo & partner drills, chin na (joint manipulation), qi gong for health, chi-sao, guo-sao, padwork, weapons, pressure testing and sparring. For now all the training is for free, we might later on (once we're enough people) ask for a small monthly donation so we can rent some rooms and get some equipment set up. Any practitioner from any lineage or martial arts background is welcome as long as you're not just looking to test yourself against other styles, have a peaceful mindset, no criminal record and want to train regularly.

I have also started a private FB group for people that are interested in joining:

Wing Chun in Bangkok FB Group

Looking forward to welcoming you all!