Why did you start taking the MAs?


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Apr 18, 2002
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Since I started the thread, I'll go first.
My Journey began after seeing the movie Billy Jack. My mother and her live in at the time took me to the drive-in to see Billy Jack when it was first released. I was hooked instantly. It was the first movie I ever saw! I've been at it ever since.
I just wanted to I wasen't interested in anything else I've just allways loved MA... I suppose it was cool back in the day with the 3 Ninja movies and I had mates who did MA and I just joined and have loved it since .
My 9 year old started in August. I started watching and then helping her before tests. Of course she knew what she had to do and she would show me and have me do it too. I liked it so I joined too. Best thing I ever did for myself. It's in my blood now.:)
I have a step-daughter that saw a demonstration when she was in second grade. I believe she was motivated by the board breaking. We signed her up and for a year I drove her to and from the studio and watched her learn.

Then, I got her older sister involved for a year as well. My wife and I driving and watching the two of them study. Our school has a 1 year commitment (although it is pretty flexible if need be). When the older daughters' year was up, she decided to stop studying.

Partly to encourage the older girl to get back involved (I still believe a MA program would benefit her greatly), partly because I realized that the time I spent sitting in the waiting area was a waste, so my wife and I started studying.

We've been studying for two years now. The younger girl has decided to stop her training after four years (junior red - then adult orange).

Sheryl and I continue to try and get to two or three classes a week. It continues to facsinate me, that when I leave the studio, I feel better than I felt when I arrived. What more can you ask?

I just hope we stay healthy enough to continue to train. Right now, she has a shoulder injury has been causing discomfort for several months, and her doctor has told her to take it easy, if she ever wants the injury to heal. Despite the injury, we're going to Revere Kempo Academy's All Belt 'Huk' seminar this evening. Woo, Woo.
A voice inside told me to start training...it first told me when I was seven years old...

My father would not let me start in "Eastern" martial arts...he told me that he could show me HOW to defend myself (though, that is NOT the reason I wanted to train)...so I learned Wrestling and Boxing...

The voice wouldn't go away, though...So, when I left home at the age of 18, I started looking for a teacher...

My biggest interest in the "Eastern" systems was the underlying philosophy, not how to fight.

(The voice was not something I heard in my head (that's called hallucination) but a desire from the inside...)

Originally posted by Judo-kid
I guess i will be honest.

To kick ***,

I had a much older cousin come visit my house for a while when I was about 13. At some point he showed my grandfather and I a Nunchaku demo (probably a form). The chucks were whirring through the air. I thought it was cool.

Sometime later, I don't recall how or why, my sister, my cousin and I all took the intro class together at a Kenpo school. Maybe it was the closest but it was about 20mins away.

We didn't sign up then even though most of us wanted to.

Five years later Kenpo classes were offered to me as a bribe and I thought they would also come in very handy for a conflict I forsaw coming. So I took the bribe and I have been "involved" ever since although I have spotty attendance. The Army and College were both serious distractions for a while.

But yeah, when I took the bribe I was highly motivated to quickly learn the "self-defense" aspects of the system on a much larger opponent.
We used to watch "Kung Fu Theatre" on USA every sunday when I was a kid, then I started renting ninja and kung fu movies when the bug bit me the first time!
Then I went through a Chuck Norris phase (Lone Wolf McQuaid, etc) and started at an "American Karate" school as a kid went to another place that was shotokon, then discovered girls and cars where cooler about middle school. Now that I know cars and women (especially if you marry them) are more expensive them martial arts I found my way back haha :)
I first started Karate when I was 6 for self defense. Then I got bored with it.
I then took up Kung-Fu to keep fit and that's when I got addicted.
My older brother is basically mentally ill and he has (on a few rare occasions) become violent ( :wah: ). My mom and I started taking Aikido because we were scared ( :anic: ). It has helped us out a lot because it teaches how to get a person down without hurting them. We've had to use it before and it works! That is the reason why I started. :asian:

Despite on how and why I got started, I've always thought Martial Arts looked REALLY awesome! :cool: When I was little I was the only girl on the playground who was a bigger Ninja Turtles fan than most of the boys! :D For years, I had secretly wanted to learn a MA but never dreamed a chance would come up until problems with my brother started to get worse. It goes to show that good things can come out of bad situations and I'm so thrilled to be doing something that I enjoy so much! :)

Robyn :asian:

p.s. I just love using emoticons/smileys!:D
I stared in the martial arts because I needed to fill more time in my life at the time, I always wanted to do it but kept putting it off, then one day I picked up the phone book and saw a Kenpo school teaching private lessons. took a trial lesson, after that I could not get enough

My Dad wanted me to continue the tradition of beating each other up with sticks :D
Originally posted by Seig
Since I started the thread, I'll go first.
My Journey began after seeing the movie Billy Jack. My mother and her live in at the time took me to the drive-in to see Billy Jack when it was first released. I was hooked instantly. It was the first movie I ever saw! I've been at it ever since.

Because you dragged me into the studio *G* and am so very glad you did~!!!

Seriously.. I've always had an interest in MA's.. but never had the opportunity to train until I met Seig.. He opened a whole new world for me and now it's a passion :)
I stayed at a friends house one night back in '89. On that particular night he said that he was going to his martial arts class & if I wanted to come and watch. The instructor had me participate then I signed up the next thursday. He is still a good friend & is one of the only people that still show up at my house. With 3 kids most tend to stay away with all of the activities we are in. Anyhow he & I tested for our 1st (in '93) & 2nd (in '97)degree's together. It was fun. Then I found the kenpo system. After seeing Mr. Hatfield teaching Unfurling Crane I again signed up the next day. Been at it ever since.
I started taking MA's to be like the guys off of the video games. I was 8 and all I wanted to do was be Ryu from Street Fighter. Once I got there and figured out what it was all about I've been hooked ever since.
I was 16. There had been something inside me urging me to get connected to martial arts in some way, but I was too young to really realize what it was I wanted.

One day, I was at the local martial arts supply store, bugging the clerk like always. I was the kid that never took martial arts, but kept coming into the store with wide eyes and empty pockets.

I was informed that a new school was opening just a few doors down. Some kung fu school. I KNEW that I didn't want to study some flowery, fancy-dancy kung fu crap. But I went anyway, just to check it out and confirm what I thought I already knew.

I went, and visited with the teacher. Every night for a week I went to visit, to talk, to ask questions. Not once did he ever turn me away.

I started training the following week, and never looked back at the macho, hard core, tough guy karate schools (or Robert Bussey's Ninja Academy) that I thought I had wanted to attend. I have been with my Sifu for 16 years, never once reconsidering my decision. My reasons for staying with it have changed over the years, as has my understanding of MA in general. I know now that I'll never quit.

:asian: :tank: :asian:
I was attacked when I was in 8th grade by a group of guys and then again when I was a freshman in college. I spent a long time waiting for a hero to come into my life and no one ever showed up. One day after my daughter was born, I had an epiphany and realized that rather than waiting for someone who would be my hero, I should/could become my own. The first thing I needed was self-confidence, followed closely by the need to be able to defend myself and my child. MA's took care of both and got me into the best physical/mental/emotional shape of my life.
1970's KungFu theatre!

Nothing really profound for me. I've always wanted to take some form of MA but was unable to motivate myself sufficiently until just last year. I got my daughter involved as well for her own sake. I don't want her to be vulnerable to bullying as she grows up, as I was.

I'm also looking forward to her dating years, and the screams of terror as her prospective suitors meet me for the first time.:rofl:

The one thing I really regret is that I didn't do this years ago. I should have. It's not like I was ever afraid of physical activity, but I am naturally inclined towards laziness.

I'm not stopping now, that's for sure. It's too damn much fun.
I was 20 Years old when I started taking martial arts. I started taking them because i was tired of being picked on and pushed around, before i started taking MA i was 5'10'' 120-125 pounds, i could never put on weight, I was often the skinniest person wherever i was, and as we all know most people view the skinniest people as the weakest and would often pick on me or push me around. And being a skinny guy with little confidence and no fighing skills I never did anything about it.

So one day after what you might call a "close call" I decided enough was enough and that I was through being a victim and an easy target, I decided that anyone that picked on me or pushed me around from that point on was going to get as much hell as I could throw at them. After LOADS of research, interviewing different teachers and schools, I found the school I'm currently At

So now here we are over 2 years later, Preparing for bown belt (3rd kyu), More confident than ive ever been in my life. 25 pounds heavier and in 10 times better shape than i was when i started. And DEFINITELY not an easy victim.

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