Why did YOU start Tae kwon do?


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Nov 18, 2010
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I started TKD again 2 years ago after taking 35 years off. I started because I was athletic, but a skinny 18 year old. I also had an edge to my personality.
So, it was a natural fit. I stayed at it for 3 years. Brown belt. I transferred to another college and career drive took over.
My younger brother joined the same TKD club 1 year after I left. He never stopped. He has been doing this for 35 years and is GOOD. Very good.
2 years ago he expressed his opinion that I join again, that I have no excuse not to.
So, now I am 2 days away from my black belt. 10 hours every week, for 2 years, and I am happy.
The real subplot here is my brother now has ALS. He can't compete, but still goes to his dojo 2 times every week.
He will fly out to see me Friday night, it will be a very emotional and happy time.

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