What's your CMA style???

Neijia or Weijia

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Nov 3, 2002
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What's your style of Chinese Martial Arts?
What is it about?
Give us a bried description of it ?
Why you train in it?
Give us a link to a school of that style and a directory will be helpful...
I began my training in the system of Pangainoon.

It is half hard/half soft using both linear and circular techniques. It's first and most important kata is Sanchin kata. It has three kata in the system. Brought over from the Central Fukien providence in China to Okinawa in 1910 by Kanbun Uechi. Renamed Uechi Ryu in the 1940's in honor of Kanbun.

Although I have gone on to additional training, Pangainoon has remained my foundation.

This idea has been hashed over before....

ALL arts are both...though some emphasize one form of developing power over the other...

The distinction between "internal" and "external," "soft" vs "hard," is largely a Western misinterpretation of SunLuTang's trying to describe how certain arts differ...

The big divide started in the 1960s in the Martial Arts Journal of the time: "Black Belt."

YiLiQuan emphasizes body action and structure that would fall into the "internal" category...but has roots in a Shaolin system that certainly has a lot of "external" feel...

I've learned some northern Shaolin long fist kung fu (external) and Yang style taiji (internal), so both.