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  • Lueung Shum is for real and not a bad choice and I know about Frank Allen and his wife as well. Frank is REAL big on Baguazhang and does (or use to) teach Xingyiquan as well and his wife is the Wu style person.
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    Going to be reaching out to the Senior Disciple from named Strider Clark he also leads the Tongbei Quan associate for YCGF..
    Also going to reach out to Lueung Shum for Wu Style Taiji
    Xue Sheng
    Xue Sheng
    Strider Clark is supposed to be good
    Sent you a conversation :)
    I will be going back to train Yang taijiquan with my sifu soon. I am working on it at home again.

    Wu style in NYC there are 2

    "Nelson Lum" a disciple of Eddie Wu and "Jeffery To" a disciple and step-son of Eddie Wu. But I have no idea how to contact them
    Maybe you can start here and find out through the Wu family site
    Note: Eddie Wu is Wu Kwong Yu
    Training with a total Gym, treadmill and Yoga, no Martial Arts at the moment just trying to get the knees to work right
    Simply looking to see if there were any school in America after I saw the Video from Australia
    I wish I was training right now...I'm in my office.. loaded with work and most of it is not mine because no one is here today.
    Although it is likely I would not survive that type of training at the moment I really REALLY miss it
    I believe I did but I have been so busy I can't remember this morning.... what's the news
    The only other person I know about it the guy I PMed you about that is on RSF. As far as Black Taoist & Tom Bisio go all I can say is I have heard good things about them but I have never meant either of them.
    It generally means one of two things depending on where you trained. If in a government sanctioned facility you trained Modern Wushu (performance only kung fu) with Sanda for fighting (like my first Sifu) if you trained outside of that it means you were risking all sorts of nasty punishments that the government could throw at you.
    I have nothing against Wang Rengang I would not mind meeting him someday. I don't think I'd train Yiquan with him but that's another story. I will say this he was born (1965) 1 year before the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976) and that and that was a very hard time to be growing up and training Martial Arts in China
    I have heard a few that really like Wang Rengang and there are a few (Yiquan people) that really do not. Look at it this way, his first art is not Yiquan.
    As far as I can tell Strider Clark is a student of Zhang Yun. And Strider Clark learned Tongbei from Zhang Yun and Zhang Yun is Yin Cheng Gong Fa.
    As far as Yiquan goes there is a guy on Rum Soaked Fist who was in the Zhang Chang Xing, the Han brothers and Liang Zhi Pong line but his sifu passaed away a few years back. HE would not knwo me from Adam but I do believe he sifu was probably the best you are going to find in NYC for Yiquan and I belevie the guy on Run Soaked Fist still trains in NYC.
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