What is your school's payment model?


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Apr 28, 2021
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I charge a low set monthly fee ($55) for the 2 classes/week that I offer to each age bracket. There is also a punch card option (slightly higher per class rate) for the odd student who cannot reliability attend.
That gets chopped down lower With family discounts and post-dated check payment rates.
There are test fees, and the costs for uniforms and sparring gear. All rates are kept low. They're only there to cover overhead costs, so I don't have to pay to teach.
With the last 3 years behind us, I've also kept in a sick day credit policy. I track all absences due to illness (of any potentially contagious variety). The value of those classes are then credited to them for any future training costs (tuition, gear, tests). If someone stays home to keep the rest of us from getting sick, that should never cost them money (in my mind). Of course, I understand that I have that luxury because my livelihood does not depend on turning a profit.

Tony Dismukes

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Nov 11, 2005
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Lexington, KY
It's been quite a while since I had to pay tuition at my main gym, but I believe our current fee structure is $120/month for unlimited classes 7 days a week. They have some slightly discounted options for people who only want to attend 2x per week or who can only train on weekends or mornings, etc. No belt fees, annual membership fees, etc.

My HEMA club charges $40/month for 2 classes per week or you can buy a punch card, which I think is $40 for 5 classes. That money goes into paying rent and buying loaner gear for the club. No additional fees.