Warrior/Martial Artist & Weapon connection


Black Dragon

I'm just curious is there any connection between a warrior/martialartist & his/her weapon. My main reason for asking is based on some expirience i've had namely:
1.I lost my 3-Section Staff and a set of nunchuks when we moved house, I felt like a part of me died.

2.I find it uncomfortable doing forms and training with my friends' weapons.

Sooo is there any truth in my hunches

Nikolas P.

Sure. Since it's almost impossible to make an exact replica of an object in an environment with gravity, even mass-produced weapons of the same ilk will differ from one another. (And hand-forged ones obviously will.) One gets used to the heft and the swing of their own weapon, and if you use it long enough, any other will feel strange.

I won't get into the spiritual/esoteric connection, though, since it defies description and makes you seem like a crackpot if you try. :rolleyes:

On an aside, if you have gotten formal training in the 3-section-staff, where did you and in what style? I've always wanted to learn how to use one.