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Sep 1, 2001
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For those who haven't, go the the 'Vote Budoseek' graphic at the bottom of the page and vote for MartialTalk! We're a distant second right now, but that can easily change if everyone votes!


What are you lookin' at??? Go vote!
Thank you.

Wow... we're almost half way to topping E-Budo. :D
Is your vote casted by simply click on the icon below? If not, then
I don't see WHERE I'm supposed to vote, on the budoseek page.
Just click on the icon. It'll register. Everyone gets 1 vote. It'll yell if ya try and vote more than once, which is good. Keeps it fair. :)

Budoseek is a good site with alot of info ya just dont find elsewhere, so don't beat on the voting thing. :)

In almost 24 hours since I made the original post in this thread, we've gotten halfway to catching up to the leader in the voting!

Those who haven't voted, VOTE! If we keep going at this rate, we'll take the lead by tomorrow!

Woohoo we're so close everyone needs to put thier votes in.
Comeone you slackers don't forget to vote lets try and take the #1 spot by the weekend.
Okay people, listen up! We're only 10 votes away from the leader of the poll, Ebudo, who has 84 votes. We only need 11 more people to vote to surpass them.

Get yer butt over there and vote!


E-Budo is a great board for classical Japanese arts, it should be mentioned, with a wealth of knowledge in that area. It lacks the varied coverage of arts and looser feel of this board.
E-Budo is a great place for the Japanese arts, especially the cultural aspects. I spend alot of time there lurking and reading. A little less loose than us, but still, a very good forum. :)
Currently at 84 for Budoseek and 82 for Martialtalk. It is geting close.
Two more people vote and we top Ebudo.

Do it! Do it now!


There, 84 all. Not bad for my first post.
MartialTalk is now ranked 1st.
hey guys -

only been on this forum for a few days, but i'm happy to give it my vote.

Pushed it to 85.

MartialTalk is No. 1!!
That's to everyone who voted! We hope everybody continues to enjoy this board for a very long time!

Whooo Hooo!!!!! (imagine daffy duck doing that thing he does when he goes nuts.... ok, I'm not doing that.) :D

Thanks everyone!

Hey....wonder if we can hit 100? :ultracool

You folks are the best!


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