Very interesting email....

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"If ya don't want anyone knowing it's yer pile o' poop, don't sign yer name next to it"

Or something equally crude.

Sorry. Feeling spunky. Didn't spar tonight, so I didn't get it beaten outta me.

Basically. :)
I found that out the hard way with a domain of mine....when the junk mail (dead tree variety) started showing up in my po box, it was basically cuz the -itiots- at NSI sold their listing to a mailing list broker. I moved all my domains very shortly after I figured that one out. (Misspellings are great) :)

The timing of various things, the wording of the emails, and the websites in question make for very interesting stuff. The fall out will of course take a while, and will effect the art no matter what.
Not open for further replies.

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