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May 26, 2002
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Which do U Wear Y & how much does it have to do
With the Art U Practise or teach.
We must wear the traditional TKD uniform (dobok) when we train in our dojang. It's all about keeping with the customs and traditions of the school. However, in the summer our master instructor breaks away a little from tradition and lets us wear t-shirts with our uniform pants, WOW! :eek:

In reality it's a lot better and easier to train in a t-shirt instead of uniform top because your movements are less constricted and you are freer to kick and punch. IMO this should be the uniform of the day year around...
I Pre fer Shorts & a T-Shirt My self.
But the school i teach in is not my own.
And the Owner prefers The full Uniform,for the over all look
of the School.

I don't mined it once in a While & alot of Turnaments do
require it.

But if it was up to me it would be shorts & a T-shirt
or Gi Pants & a T-shirt:D
I wear a heavyweight japanese style (wrap style) uniform for kenpo. I like it better than the t-shirt, simply because it holds up better and is very durable. Plus, for me, when I put on my uniform, it can change my mindset. it gets my mind off everything else that went wrong that day, and gives me a moment to say "ok. its kenpo time now."
Hey There,

Personally I don't mind uniforms. I like to train in clothes that are very similar if not the same as the clothes I will be wearing normally. The same goes for shoes. I like to train in regular street shoes. A big gi is similar to a business suit or a light jacket. A chinese style button up is similar to the shirts I wear over my t-shirts everyday.

I'm actually trying to decide right now whether to require people in a new Wing Chun class to wear uniforms, like the button up chinese style. WC is a close up art and issues surrounding stomachs and breasts can distract people from learning the martial art, especially during chi sau. Uniforms also soak up sweat and cover up body odor better than a t-shirt, which can also be distracting. For now I'm going to make it optional but I will wear the top myself to encourage the students to follow suit.

Another nice thing about a uniform is that everybody has to look the same, thus removing a bit of ego from the class. Overall in my opinion uniforms are good. I only have reservations when they start to look more like costumes or dress-up themes than serving a utilitarian functionality.
I wear the TKD dobok. I don't mind it. Makes for nice PJ's :D Mine is a size 4 so it's pretty roomy and light weight. Easy to move in. My old dojang used to let us wear t-shirts and dobok pants in the summer. I liked that even better. I always wear dobok pants and t-shirts around the house, also.
Black Dobuk.......always the Black Dobuk :shrug:
For Aikido : traditional stuff - Gi and hakama
For Jujitsu: traditional stuff - white gi or black gi, or mixed. Sometimes hakama (black)
For Arnis: red gi pants with stripes, a a red top. But uaslly I go for black pants and a t-shirt, because I don't practice it so often anymore.

Tracksuit pants(long), sneakers and a t-shirt :) It's really practical actually.
Originally posted by ace
Which do U Wear Y & how much does it have to do
With the Art U Practise or teach.

This came up on another thread but is there a reason for using the "shorthand" "U" and "Y" ? I know I'm Over the Hill now but is this just something cool to do? It annoys me, but that doesn't really mean anything.

Regarding the uniform, you have to wear something to class. Mr. Parker prescribed a "Gi" if I'm not mistaken and a colored belt system so this is what we wear.

We also have a few grabs that even involve pushing and pulling and Tshirt does not stand up well to this repeated abuse. We used to be allowed to wear a Tshirt but I never did and I didn't like attacking one either. I really will grab your gi top and yank you and sometimes with a Tshirt this can cause the colar to sort of cut into the neck if I remember.

Also, after many years, I have converted to a Heavyweight cotton Gi. This stuff really is like Body Armor. It takes the sting out of some strikes. I always thought it would be stiff and hot but it is 100% cotton (canvas almost) and breaks in OK. I like it now.

You have to wear something to work out in. The gi is uniform, it can help you put your "game face" on, it holds up well to being grabbed and pulled, it accomodates the school patches and logos, and you have to wear something to class so in addition to being a uniform with all those benefits, it makes it simple to figure out what to wear.

I also think my heavyweight gi will hold up longer than sweatpants or shorts and a Tshirt and by the way, I know people would have shorts and sweat pants falling down and sliding off their body if they were not secured with something other than an elastic waistband. We have a few takedowns and such and I would not want to be distracted, in a classroom setting with potential visitors/guests/parents watching, as I take someone down and their pants slide off as I am securing their leg while they fall during "Dance of Death" for example.

Gis are good. I know a lot of people don't like them but I find them practical for these many reasons. :asian:
Our uniform is a school t shirt and a pair of black shorts.
Our uniform is what ever I put on that day, Sifu doesnt care what you wear, as long as your not naked, t-shirt, trackpants, uniform, no one cares... lets just train!

In Yiliquan we have two uniforms - daily training and special occasion.

Special occasions are testings, demos, tournaments and other events. For these, we wear the "traditional" Chinese style uniform with button up top, bloused hems on the pants, socks, shoes (I am fond of my Chinese tennis shoes, but you wear what you can get hold of, just not Florsheims or something like that), and a sash.

Daily training is just that - rough, rigorous, demanding, down and dirty training that demands something that will stand up to the punishment it is given. We wear Japanese style uniforms and belts for these occasions, with or without shoes (depending on location, weather, etc.). I wear a black judogi, as it holds up way better than anything I have ever had before.

There have been some other threads regarding uniform wear recently, though I had trouble linking to some of them... :(

Uniforms are good and appropriate for school use and class time wear. For "at home" training, or even special training at the school, I think whatever allows you to do what you need to do is fine. Personally, I think schools should train with street clothes periodically, so people who aren't complete fanatics about MA (like me) who don't go around trying out their clothes for suitability for martial arts practice can get a feel for what changes street clothes and shoes will require.

Remember - while to most of us they are "uniforms," in a certain context they are also costumes (given that they are recreations of ancient clothing from other cultures), and we should always remember to be aware of what we will ultimately be wearing if and when we ever have to employ what we learn in the training hall...

Originally posted by Master of Blades
Black Dobuk.......always the Black Dobuk :shrug:

Cool! I can't wait 'til I get the privilege of wearing one. At my dojang one must spend a few months as a 1st dan before the Sabumnim allows you to wear the all black dobok. It does make one look dapper doesn't it? :lookie:
Our uniform is what ever I put on that day, Sifu doesnt care what you wear, as long as your not naked, t-shirt, trackpants, uniform, no one cares... lets just train!

The EPAK school across town are known for their sparring prowess and thus "The Bastards in Black". If so, then we are the "World Famous Fighting Blueberries". Our Gi's for the most part are heavy weight judogi. In the pic you see some white, and the guy in black is Chad, our Aikidoka, adds flavor to the class. My instructors Gi is a BJJ gi with the US and Brazillian flags on it, but he's partial to a nylon jacket and dobak pants and belt. The photo was taken after our belt test. I'm the token black man. Blang blang! LOL


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I've become very accustomed to the gi, and train barefoot.

I will practice at home in street clothes, for the feel of doing the moves in jeans & boots. But in the dojo, the gi is handy, prevents rug burn, and is so comfy.

In summer, gi tops can be removed if over 90 degrees out, but I leave mine on. Don't know why, some vague, not-thought-out sense of the wussiness involved with shedding the top. :ubercool:
Also for wear & tear, well I actually had my sports bra ripped off me during a self-defence exercise! But the gi top remained, and nobody knew. I excused myself for a minute, made a change, and got on with things. No harm, no foul.
Out of politeness and respect, any smart a$$ed comments by me about such an event will not be posted... ;)

Glad you maintained such composure and were able to deal with the situation so well...