1. MartialHermit8

    The Origins and creation of Systema Kadochnikova

    Hello guys, as a systema practitioner I have always wondered how come each style, being Ryabko, Starov, Vasiliev, etc are completely different and seem to have almost nothing in common. Would like to share a vid expalining the original creation process of the Systema Kadochnikova. Its some...
  2. A

    Seeking training partner PNW U.S.A. For ICSA distance curriculum

    Hi I hope this is an appropriate thread. Im looking for one training partner to go through the ICSA distance curriculum with. I am located in the pnw. I will also share whatever I already know about Systema. I do have some level of training, Im just in a situation where I really want to...
  3. I

    hello from London RMA Systema

    Hi guys, Thanks to accept my joining request. My name is Istvan. Born in Hungary. I studied Wing Tsun for about 4.5 years after a rough childhood to understand 'control'. 8+ years Silat practise, 3+ years RMA Systema experience and 20 odd years later I'm still searching. :) I've got closer and...
  4. lansao

    Updating the Wing Chun Library

    Do you practice Wing Chun? If so, what methods from other arts (e.g. BJJ, Systema, FMA, etc.) have you taken from/incorporated into your Wing Chun? How have you adapted those methods to conform to Wing Chun principles? ~ Alan
  5. G

    Russian Systema or Pencak Silat

    Hello guys I have a big dilemma about what martial art should i start training. I've watched many videos of russian systema and i liked very much the style and the movement you do and neutralise your opponent(s).i think its very useful for defending yourself in any situation you are into...