1. R

    Why is China having Covid problems in 2022 ?

    China has vaccinated 88% of her population with at least 1 jab and 55% with at least 3 jabs. Even if the Chinese vaccines aren't as good , shouldn't they also have antibodies ?
  2. Zerathim

    Monk (Russian-Chinese movie)

    I have uploaded an interesting movie with English subtitles involving wushu fights performed by Russian martial artist an multiple champion of Russia and Europe Jamal Azhigirey. Enjoy watching! And your comments are welcome. Soon I will make more uploads.
  3. Ivan

    Introduction on my dissertation on Karate

    So I recently made a post asking for help on writing a dissertation. I have chosen to specifically write about how Kung Fu and relations between China and Okinawa impacted the origins of Karate in Okinawa. Here is my introduction. Please, leave some constructive criticism below. I would love to...
  4. martialmount

    Ever been to the Yip Man Museum

    Just recently on my visit to china, I make a stop to foshan to pay a visit to the Yip Man memorial hall. Many Wing Chun Practitioners around the world would have like to pay a visit here one day. It has various exhibition material of Ip Man's martial arts teachings and photos, letters written by...