Tournament standings!



Tiger Balm international karate tournament!

I would like to congratulate members of The House of Kenpo Karate School on a job well done! Also members of MT, are Fly with a silver medal in sparring and a bronze in hard hand kata, Sas Plume with a gold in weapons kata, bronze in hard hand kata, Stacks with a silver in weapons kata and a bronze in hard hand kata, and myself with bronze in weapons kata, and we don't to forget Tune's daughter with a 4th and 5th place standing! We had a few others who did just as well!

'till next year!!:drink2tha
Sniff, sob, I am heartbroken that I could not go with you guys to the tournament this year... :wah:

Congratulations to all my old team members from House of Kenpo, keep bringing those medals home to Vancouver Island! Way to go Sensei Stacks! Many thanks to Stacks and Jules for all their hard work at House of Kenpo Karate School, and putting up with my darling daughter Tash_tigress for yet another Tournament.

Special hugs to SasPlume, I'm so sorry to have missed another one of your Gold Medal performances! :(
The Northwest contingent of the Yiliquan Association (me, Yilijinglei and Wormtail) were going to make an appearance, but due to multiple issues, we were unable to coordinate the trip.

Next year, though!

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