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Aug 9, 2012
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You don't want to know
There have been a few people who really pushed their views concerning chi and their magic powers even though I had no interest. My challenge to them was that if their chi is so amazing I will give them 10 chances with my eyes closed and completely prone, to knock me over without touching me (this is what they claimed). If they are not successful I get one chance to do the same full contact with my fist or foot, after all their chi will protect them. Not one has taken my challenge.

Sadly when I was younger I thought I was supposed to be able to do that.
But then I took reality to the face.
For the first one of course anyone would be able to do that.
About the second one wouldn't a good position of the body effect your result.Or if he/she was a shaolin kung fu
practitioner there wouldn't be any effect on him right?

By George

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Oct 31, 2012
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Never heard it called the Qi wheel before, but the psi wheel is real, as far as it's actually use if you choose to mess with it and intentionally move it by other means then our mind your just cheating yourself. It's just one visual representation of energy work. I've never seen someone move a pencil or anything with there mind. However the psi wheel's purpose is helping with direction of intent. after all we are all made up of energy, and the energy we project can affect things. The thing is the effective or spiritual or magical energy is subtle. For those of you of a more scientific mind check this out.

it's research on the affects of human thought on water. as we are mostly water this is why magical energy can affect us. However I dont' know if I would go so far as to say you could hit someone from a distance or even move a physical object. I mean yes you create vibration with your thoughts and these waves will affect things on the subtle level but I've personally never witnessed it affecting things on akin to actually moving something. There is a reason the psi wheel is on the tip of a needle. so to answer your question, yes the psi wheel is real.

just a note my insight and opinions are not a product of my martial arts training, but of my research, practice and beliefs.

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