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Dec 28, 2019
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So tell us a little about what yourself and what you train. What´s the lineage of your school? Or, if a blend, what do you like best about your WC training?

Well previously I’ve trained in Korean Han Mu Do mainly but I’ve switched to training mainly Wing Chun. I was out of training for a few years and only started back in the last year.

My Sifu is Jack Roberts from Montgomery, Alabama; he is a student of Steve Lee Swift who studied under Ip Chun.

I’ve been interested in WC for years as a system but the best thing for me has been the teacher, I’ve looked at other styles and they were nice but there is something to be said about the finding the right teacher. The class stays dynamic and upbeat, challenging, and my Sifu does a great job of explaining things in detail. I’ve done a lot of things related to joint locks and throws in the past and I like a lot of the close range stuff in WC, some is very familiar to me from other places but a lot of it is different or takes ideas I’ve seen before and shows me a different look at it.

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