The importance of precision in Wing Chun.

mook jong man

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May 28, 2008
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Matsudo , Japan
I remember doing this exercise a couple of years ago that really drove home to me that Wing Chun is a science.
We were doing an exercise to improve focusing your attack to the opponents center.
Face your partner, he is in fook sau you are in bong sau like single sticking hands. Both of you have forward force on.
The person in bong sau on purpose position your wrist off the centerline, now start tracking it in horizontally very slowly to the opponents centerline.
When you get to the right spot look down and you should see your partners toes begin to rise, keep going past the centerline and see his toes go back down again.
Keep going back and forth until you can focus right in on that spot.
When you can get that sweet spot or his point of balance whatever you want to call it, you can effortlessly move forward and uproot him out of his stance or collapse his structure.
What blows me away is that this spot is only a couple of centimetres wide, if your a little bit off target it won't work.
One of my instructors told me that we are only on this target some of the time where as our Sigung Choi Seung Tin is right on the money 100% of the time and can apply it with any technique and in combat.
My master always said Wing Chun is an easy art to copy but hard to master, i believe this to be true you can keep improving till the day you die.