The Hidden Power of Siu Nim Tau by Chu Shong Tin

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May 18, 2023
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America? Sure, but the teachers I'm thinking of started off in Asia, and in one case, built their biggest profit making scheme in Europe.

The branch of the art I train places great emphasis on technique, structure, proper bone and joint alignment (kinetic linkages) and relaxation to develop soft and elastic "springy energy".

That said, if you want to fight, you better be powerful and explosive, as well as tough mentally and physically. In short, no magic.

Me, I'm too old for that. Even this keyboard warrior stuff tires my fingers, so now excuse me while I go take a nap! ;)
We are in 100% agreement - thank you for your response
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Jun 2, 2020
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Since I did train with TST including chi sau with him I think people have gone down a mind power rabbit hole. Granted my time with TST was 30 years ago so a lot may have changed.

His focus and his method of SNT was to focus on the proper use of the body particular attention paid to the proper rotation of the joints and keeping the body connected. When training SNT your mind should focus on these things. When actually fighting you don't think about these things. Just like any other sport You practice technique until it gets to the point you don't think about it when it is applied.