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Aug 29, 2001
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Haveing sat for the last few days reading most of the posts inmost sites I would like to say thank you to the many fine people that post on this forum. And a great big very welldone to those who are moderators of this sight. Your insight and probing questions keep things going and the information that comes forth is great.
I also want to thank all those who have been posting. I've learned a great deal--almost all of it interesting and some of it stuff that I can put to direct use. It's much more useful to me than the martial arts newsgroups and has broader appeal than most martial arts web boards.

I think I can speak on behalf of the other mdoerators in saying Thanks for the compliment! We do try to keep things moving and the administrator, Kaith Rustaz, has been great about making changes that people request and that will help make the board more enjoyable. But it's the 229 and counting MartialTalk members who provide the insight, experience, and discussions that are making this site such a success.

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Thank you. :)

I've often said, its the members who have made MT. I just provide the arena. You all, you make it a usefull, friendly place to go and spend time. Without everyones input and sharing, and willingness to share, we'd be just another website.

We've got a great group here, and we're growing. The sky is the limit I think.

To everyone, thank you!
I can't speak for Kaith and the other mods, but...

...flattery will get you everywhere! :D

Many thanks to you and our other members!

I agree, the site is really good. I used to lurk around rec.martial-arts and when I started taking a martial arts class I thought I'd start posting there. Unfortunately, my little introduction post got zero response. I saw a link for this board on that group, came here, looked around, posted an intro, and got a few nice replies. That was enough to keep me here. I know I've said this before somewhere, but I'm glad we have some very knowledgeable people around here. It certainly helps keep things going.
As the lone holdout to goodwill...I hate you all.

Thats ok Gou...we'll still buy ya a round. :)


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