Taebo Feedback



i not sure whether this was ever posted or not, but i wated to get some feedback from you guys.

what's your opinion on BB's taebo?

i for one have seen great results. it does not substitute my MA training by any means, but it sure beats lifting weights or running (which i find boring).

a few years back i was not training and was out of shape. i started taebo on a regular basis and saw amazing results. not only is billy legit but i think he has done a great thing for martial arts workouts.

what do you think?
I think as far as an exercise program it's great. A great way to really build endurance and muscle tone.
ageed. i dont feel it really trains you in self defense but it does build endurance. i use it when i am preparing for testing or whenever i feel i need that extra boost of exercise. i enjoy it, and it gives me one hell of a workout :)
I used to respect it as a good cardiovascular workout. However, recently I've seen advertisements for Tae Bo claiming that it's also effective for self defense. I have no respect whatsoever for it now.

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ageed. i dont feel it really trains you in self defense but it does build endurance. i use it when i am preparing for testing or whenever i feel i need that extra boost of exercise. i enjoy it, and it gives me one hell of a workout :)

true, I've tried it, but what frustrats me, is when the instructor either pulls the punch/kick to early or states that some movment is a good selfdefencs movment. Then the MA in me cries out....

i dont think the kicks and punches have good technique at all. but rather it is a means of exercise. i would say that if you put too much stock in the movements you will lose.

they are better as a martial arts exercise. i find it useful and i do respect billy for what he has done. the best way to learn thee arts is to train no doubt, but this is good for people who like to practice and exercise at the same time.
I feel sorry for people who think it's effective for self defense.:shrug:
Originally posted by fist of fury

I feel sorry for people who think it's effective for self defense.:shrug:

I do agree, and it's one of my major "thorns in the side". I don't like when people try to sell sefldefences in easy packages. There is no easy way, just hard work.

Yeah it seems most americans don't want to put in the hard work they want the quick and easy way to self defense. Then when they get clobbered they claim M.A's aren't effective.
true. i would not depend on a video to teach me self defense, but as an exercise program and guideline i think it is good.
How long had you been using the videos before yu started seeing the results?
my stamina and endrance increased within a week or so. and within another week my wife came to me and said "oh my god" you have really lost weight. my freinds also commented on it not knowing that i was exercising at all.

i would say all within a 3 week period.
If by self-defense you are thinking someone who can effectively dodge and move without being hit and out running there opponent :p then yes hehehehe. I think tae-bo is good I've never tried it but I'm thinking about it since I to think that its boring as crap to run/walk and lifting weights isn't bad since it doesn't take that long. So I will probably try it since I would like to get into better shape.
please dont get me wrong. i dont think it is a MA training video by any means but i do thnk its great for what it's worth.

i have never been into any exercise videos but when it involves some sort of MA i'll give it a try.

it is very addictive and i am glad that i tried it. i even went as far as to buy the dvd so i can have all 4 tapes on one disc.

i stopped for awhile but now i am getting back into it. i can see and feel the difference.
I'm sure it's a good workout. Hopefully it gets some people into the (real) martial arts; but it's a not self-defense.

Here's a question though: As far as self-defense goes, is it better than nothing? That is, does it give a person more self-defense skills than jogging on the treadmill or using a stairclimber or aerobics or what-have-you? I'd say Yes, in that it might give someone the confidence to throw a punch, and in that regard it is better for self-defense than only getting into shape.

The problem is the usual one of a little knowledge can be dangerous. It's not effective, well-rounded, well-trained self-defense, and if someone relied on it they would in many cases be surprised to find it failed them. But I'd say it is a step in the right direction if one recognizes how very limited it is.
it actually complements my training. on days that i am unable to get to the do jang i slide in the tape and i can get a good workout.

endurance and stamina are two of my biggest concerns. it does a great job at increasing both.
I can't stand Taebo!
Because most everyone who does it thinks that it is martial arts training.
For me, regardless of the aerobic benefits of Taebo, I would always rather exercise with kata, something that gives real martial arts training as well as aerobics. I think its a waste of time to only train in one area with Taebo, when you can train in another way that helps with many areas.

And as far as Billy Blanks advertisements for Taebo, breaking boards and stuff on tv, his marketing is that Taebo is for self defense, with all those people testifying how it helped them defend themselves. This is enough for me to view Taebo with utter disgust.
How good can billy blanks fight? This is just a question since I've seen him in alot of low budget fight films which were pretty entertaining like the American Kickboxer which I love, and also the one where he's a janitor and things like that.

I am just thinking I'm not posotive what kata is? Is it a face paced shadow boxing type of thing? I was just saying because if you practice forms or something at a face pace then you might make mistakes and such and then form bad habits, or the same could be with how you kick and such, but since I'm not posotive with what kata is I don't know ;)
sorry, kata = form. They are called forms by lots of schools.
I like Tae Bo, but I do roll my eyes when they talk about self defense. Also, some of those people can kick!!

How good can billy blanks fight?

Billy Blanks was an awsome point fighter in the 80's. Fast hands, fast feet and when he started pumping iron he showed you could lift weights and still be quick. Real fun to watch fight.

I wonder how many people have started MA training as a result of Tae Bo?
We do cardio kickboxing at the school I teach at and some of the cardio people started doing the MA we teach too.

To most it's just a fun way to do aerobics, I know it is for me. I can't stand aerobics, but I dig Tae Bo.