Street Fighter Franchise


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May 16, 2006
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St. Louis
I tell you guys I am very interested to see the new live action "Street Fighter" movie. I purchased the Collector's Edition of Street Fighter IV and watched the animated movie. It was cool.
Yes it is based off the Video game but it still should be a great movie.
it still should be a great movie.

Why's that? The Van Dam Streetfighter sucked. So did the DOA movie, the Mortal Kombat movie... What makes this one seem better? I dunno if its just that Fighting games don't translate well, or if its the fact that the people making them suck.
I'm going to go see, hope it's decent. Not too many martial arts movies coming out lately.
I definitely want to see it. Of course Chun-Li was my fave Street Fighter character to play, too... :eek:
As long as the outfit was from the game and not the movie. Kristin Kreuk is thinner than I am...the video game Chun Li has a few more curves. :D :D