Sparring and Belts


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the ideal method is probably a combination of everything you just said.

Agreed :asian:


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Aug 27, 2002
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Originally posted by sweeper
I tihnk it deppends on your view of sparring, if you treat sparring like an all out competition all the time, low ranks fighting high ranks is just gona get low ranks hurt. But if you treat it like any other aspect of training, you let the higher ranks use it as a media to teach, than it's realy good to have higher ranks spar lower ranks, it alows for one on one info in a very direct and active way. I think the times I have improved the most have been when sparring people alot better than me.
Also if all BBs ever spar are people less skilled than them then they won't improve and they may get sloppy, so they have to spar each other also

Yes, this is the way the master instructor at my dojang handles the sparring sessions. He allows the BLACKS to spar with even the lowest belts, but, it's expected that the BLACKS are also to instruct the lower belts on sparring techniques while they're going at it. They are not sparring to beat the snot out of the lower belts, but to teach them how to effectively spar.

Also, the best sparring happens when BLACKs spar against BLACKs. Some good action always goes on there, and the lower belts sitting on the sidelines can learn much by watching the BLACKs go at it... :asian: