Sometimes it is Hard to Keep Your Own Counsel


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Sep 15, 2006
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Staffordshire, England
I know that we have in the past debated the point that each country in the world has it's own set of laws and it's own 'moral compass'.

I do believe that to be largely true and certainly don't believe 'we' have the right to metaphorically kick in the door and make them comply to our standards.

However, just as no man is an island, neither can any country truly stand alone and outside the international community. Those that think they can or do are likely to be in for a shock at some point.

What brought this on is my personal feelings engendered by a news article I read on the BBC about what Iran apparently views as the 'rule of law'. By the way what I mean by the thread title is not a law based pun but rather a reference to the fact that, sometimes, it is impossible to keep quiet on an issue:

When leaders or their 'appointees' ignore the head of their own legal system then it's time for the people of that country to review the path they're being led along. In this case, reading between the lines, it seems that the officials at the prison decided they were going to be guided by their own sense of 'religious' based justice rather than the law.
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May 16, 2006
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I hope the people who killed her are brought to justice themselves. I am not meaning suspension either. It is a grave line being crossed when they think that it is ok to kill when a stay of execution was given.