skater dude



i just got used skateboard from a friend. i thought i might be able to get around campus with it. i took it to school friday.


i was hauling butt around school. feels like im ten years younger when im riding that bad boy. forget motorcycles, forget everything. skating is cool.

i reccomend that anyone who's willing to take a couple falls (most of you) and maybe look a little silly up on that horse to go out and get a skateboard, or snowboard, or a frickin unicycle i dont care. just get out and do something that you dont really need to be doing and have fun doing it!
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My daughter loves the song "Sk8terBoi" by Avril Lavigne.


I happen to like the same song. It tells a very nice story wiht a good moral. WOW! in todays Modern Music? Who would have thought it?

Listen and enjoy

...she's 8 years old. She sets the CD to repeat that one song and plays it until her brother's ears bleed.
hey, I love Avril Lavigne's music. I've got her CD in my car right now. I think "complicated" is my favorite song, because I see so many people act just like the guy in the song, but "Sk8erBoi" is a good one too.

I used to skateboard on occasion, but came to the conclusion that I totally sucked at it, and really didn't have the time to put in to get better at it, so I gave up. My senior year of college, I resorted to a Razor Scooter to get around, and that was really convenient. I got busted for it a couple of times by campus police, but the worst they could do was fine you ten bucks or so.
yes, while the bike riders are forced by campus police to walk through the crowded center at prestigious ASU, i on my skateboard am allowed to gracefully knife my way through the mess at high speeds.

and on a related note, i ate the pavement at about 25 mph last thursday.
dont laugh!!! it hurt. its sunday morning and im still feeling it.:eek:
yep, i bounced like a rubber ball. pain is my friend.
Before I got seriously into MA training, I was a street skater (this is waaaay back when Tony Hawk was still a kid).

Know what's fun? Setting your launch ramp at the bottom of a slope. Know what's even more fun? Having your wheel hit the only hole (perfectly wheel-sized) in the ramp, leaving your board on the ramp and sending you hurtling into the great by-and-by.

It was funny as hell after the pain went away.